April 2020 26


  1. Many thanks and much love, darling Patty, blessings and sweetness to you! *dancing children,,pawprints in sand**wispy clouds*

    1. Hello Joan.

      You’re most welcome.

      I’m sorry I got them out of order. I missed a couple of days there while waiting on internet.

      1. No problem, each section is distinct with no particular order. Thanks so much for featuring my work, sweet Patty, blessings and love to you! *smiling heart*

        1. Hi Joan.

          I felt they were individual enough that it wouldn’t matter, I just wanted you to know why it happened.

          Also, I’ve shared one of your poems in our event and created a thread so you can feature more of your work with no trouble. All you need do is to reply to the comments in that thread and I even mentioned you in the post so you could find it easily.

  2. *smiling heart*Awesome, thanks Patty, I’ll trot on over and take a peek!

    1. Hi, and good morning.

      I’ll be along shortly. Just having my morning shot of coffee and comedy.

      I’ve started beginning my day with ME TV rather than the morning news, and what a difference it makes.

      Poetry, laughter and friends, make for a much better start to the day.

      1. joanmyles Reply
        May 1, 2020

        Ah yes, I totally agree! Wishing you a sweet day, dear friend.

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