April 2020 16


  1. So sweet to be featured darling Patty, blessings! *willows in mist**pawprints in sand**children singing*

    1. Good morning Joan.

      I’m happy to do it.

      I was finally able to get your reblog button to pop up.

      1. Great news, Patty…love being featured on your blog! *willows in mist**children dancing**smiling heart*

        1. I have one question.

          Why are all your posts now titled as dates?

          They no longer seem to have actual titles.

          Is that something new you’re doing?

          1. joanmyles
            April 17, 2020

            Just for the month of April, it being national poetry month…besides I hate titling things, so it works out all around. *smile* Thanks for noticing! *hugs to you*

          2. LOL.

            OK. Just was curious.

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