Another Robicheaux Review

Another Robicheaux Review

Hello again, readers everywhere!

It’s me again, the hopelessly addicted.

Yes, that’s right. I admit it. Finally!

AWW! Feels better to get it off my chest.

I confess. I’m addicted to this series, and this book, it was amazing.

So, here’s NLS, and then the rest of my review.

Crusader’s cross: a Dave Robicheaux novel DB60682
Burke, James Lee. Reading time: 10 hours, 3 minutes.
Read by Bruce Huntey.

Mystery and Detective Stories

Dave Robicheaux rejoins the New Iberia, Louisiana, police department to catch a serial killer while investigating the fate of a prostitute he and his half-brother knew decades ago. The wealthy Chalons family attempts to stop Robicheaux from succeeding. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2005.
Downloaded: November 13, 2017
Download Crusader’s cross: a Dave Robicheaux novel

As you can see, this was downloaded just two days ago.

I’ve read nothing else. Have fallen behind in other reading needing done, and even gotten up in the night, just to end a chapter I fell asleep during.

I’m amazed at Hellen Swallow, over and over again.

(Spoiler) New Sharif, well, you decide if it was the right choice. And? (Spoiler) She’s not quite the Rotarian the last one was.

She, and Dave, do indeed walk to the beat of a slightly different drum.

Then there’s Cletus, and Dave’s choices in love? Well, I cannot talk about that, least I truly do give something away.

I enjoyed this book. It had tons of twists and turns to keep you guessing, and the involvement of Dave’s half-brother, gives it a different feel all together.

I hope I see more of him.

Now, I’m ready to read…

Pegasus descending: a Dave Robicheaux novel DB63358
Burke, James Lee. Reading time: 12 hours, 5 minutes.
Read by Jack Fox.

Mystery and Detective Stories

After the suicide of a college coed, Louisiana detective Dave Robicheaux also investigates a hit-and-run homicide and the death of a gangster’s son. When a murdered friend’s daughter arrives in town for revenge, Dave’s ex-partner helps tie the cases together. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2006.
Downloaded: November 13, 2017
Download Pegasus descending: a Dave Robicheaux novel
I cannot wait to hear Jack Fox read this!

Bruce Hunty has been good. In fact the voices he gives to each the characters are fabulously fitting. Not over-done, and I’d have to say I was surprised that they did not use him further, but, if they had to choose another, Jack Fox is the right kind of reader.

Not too aggressive, not too passive, not too soft spoken and not too loud.

He knows his criminals and his good guys, and knows the difference between the ones pretending, and the real.

So it ought to be great!

Excited, I believe this will be book #15.

Anyhow, off to catch up on a bit of work, then back to the land of Robicheaux!


  1. The Robicheaux novels are outstanding! Glad you like them.

    1. OMG! I’m just mad because they’re almost over!

      They’re fabulous!

      It is for sure a series I’ll revisit in years to come.

      Like The Dark Tower which I’ve red three times now, Harry Potter which I became depressed over, when ended, and The Lord of the Rings. I also found myself missing Matt and Rand when The Wheel of Time ended, and it had to.

      1. I feel you; I am depressed that the new Benjamin January mystery (by Barbara Hamblin) won’t be out for another month.

        1. Well, I’m almost done with the book I’m reading, and quite literally downloading the next one now.


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