Another Robicheaux Review: NLS Info Inside

Another Robicheaux Review: NLS Info Inside

Good Sunday evening all!
The following book reviews were written last evening, Saturday November 12, during an event to promote self-published authors.

We were starting the discussion of what everyone was reading.

Well, anyhow, here it is.

Drinking wine, and feeling fine!
Running an Authorly event on Facebook, and, having the time of my life.

During all this, I’m still taking time out with a series I simply cannot get enough of.

what’s everyone reading?
Now, I read a lot of Indie authors, but this evening, I’m into a series that has plagued me for months. It’s an addiction I tell you!

One, of the worst kind.

Drugs, sex, rock roll, violence, and yes, strong language.

Grit Grime, Fast women cars, and a wonderful time!
Oh yes, there’s blood, guts, and gore…

How, on Earth, could anyone want more?

Rock and Roll, blues, and Oh WOW!

While not an Indie Author, he is, fast, becoming one of my faves.

Yes, right up there with Good Old Stephen King himself.

Who by the way, I read a couple real good books by not long ago.

I found it, this series that is, while hunting another.

Fell upon it, like a vampire on a Red-Cross blood drive, times one-hundred.

Love these books as if there were no other kind.

Have no idea what I’ll do when the series ends.

Now reading…

Last car to Elysian Fields: a novel DB56931
Burke, James Lee. Reading time: 10 hours, 29 minutes.
Read by Bruce Huntey.

Mystery and Detective Stories

One seemingly unrelated crime leads to another for New Iberia, Louisiana, homicide detective Dave Robicheaux. A Catholic priest is beaten, an alcohol-related car accident kills three teenage girls, and a man is murdered. Robicheaux investigates a New Orleans porn operation, a fugitive, and a long-missing blues guitarist. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2003.
Download Last car to Elysian Fields: a novel
There are some folks missing in this installment.

As is the case with all series, some gotta go, but the one? Well, didn’t expect that.

And the Sharif! Really?

Before this, I read, loved, and even dreamed of…

Jolie Blon’s bounce: a novel DB54332
Burke, James Lee. Reading time: 10 hours, 43 minutes.
Read by Bruce Huntey.

Mystery and Detective Stories

Dave Robicheaux of the New Iberia, Louisiana, sheriff’s department investigates the vicious murders of two local teenage girls. One was an honor student, the other a Mafia hit man’s daughter. The family history of the main suspect creates complications. Explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language. 2002.

Download Jolie Blon’s bounce: a novel

The Young Black singer breaks my heart. His sister, whom he truly wanted a better life for, hurts me to think of in ways I cannot yet write.

The enjoyment I get out of reading about Dave, and his, and Cletus’s antics, is incredible, and probably illegal.

The love I have for the Sharif, although misguided sometimes, is strained at times, but in the end, holds fast.

If you like gritty, grimy suspense filled, detective mystery stories, this is for you.

I want very much to go to New Orleans someday, and this just makes it more.

I want to meet a man who is like Cletus and Dave all in one!

A detective who, has no limit, and a “Trained Elephant”

I, likes elephants!

If, you’ve read this, you’ll understand elephants.

If not, well, read it already!!!

Well, off for now…

Got an event to tend, and a book to finish.

I believe the book I’m currently reading is the 13TH in the series.

Peace out, happy reading, and blessid be.

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