Another GREAT Poggi Audition!

Another GREAT Poggi Audition!

Hi everyone! A day or so back, I shared a post, in which, Dan here, gave us a sample of his soon to be recorded book. Now, I’m pushing hard for him to allow this book to be reviewed for NLS so, you NLS readers take a listen, because this and the other, and possibly others are the choices for narrators.

I’m thinking, NLS will be happy to use an already recorded version, because of the recent budget cuts, so it’s important for you all to listen and make your opinions known.

Besides, occasionally all of us break down and buy audio books, in fact I think there are some here who are Audible junkies, so make sure to click the source link, and have a listen.

I’ve done so, and Dan knows my thoughts, but I’ll not share here, because I’d like you to make up your very own mind.

Thanks, and have a great day.

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