Annie Shares News Volume 2 Issue 5 April/May 2023

Annie Shares News Volume 2 Issue 5 April/May 2023

Annie Shares News Volume 2 Issue 5 April/May 2023


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Hello and spring blessings to you! 🌻

Here in New York’s lower Hudson valley the weather has been unusually unpredictable. Roller coaster weather. I hear it’s not going to change.

April began National Poetry Month and it’s taken most of my spare time keeping up with the daily prompts, some I’ll share here in the issue. The first is a limerick. 😮‍💨

There once was a clown who laughed

Giggled for days and forgot his bath

He stunk so bad

the circus was glad

when he moved in with the camel and her calf.

The past few months has gifted me writing time. I continue revising my next novel, Imperfections, the estimated date of publication is not yet established. I also have a poetry collection planned for late 2024 titled, Scattered Sequences, which will be out after the novel. I’ll share the details in this newsletter and on my blog, .

Another poem written during the first half of April for NPM:

Doggie Dreamscapes

It might begin with A mild hitch in breath

Or thumping tail

While curled up napping.

It might continue with an Ear twitch

A whine or yip

Or it might result in dramatic growls

Jerking legs and mouth noises.

`Where or where does my

Labrador go

When canine eyes close

and synaptic rest sends him

Into doggie dream land.

Speaking of Bailey, for whom this poem was written, he had surgery to remove a grade 1 carcinoma on his right lung. The growth was the size of a golf ball. The surgery was successful and he’s two months out from the procedure and is back to being a silly food hound. His birthday is April 25 and he will be ten. He does not show any signs of retirement or stress so we will continue being a team for the next six months, then re-evaluate. We have to watch him closely and send him in for scans every three months. 🦮 💖

A final poem and explanation; a crowdsourced poem is just as it sounds. Our group was given the word ‘beauty’ and asked to write three lines of what the word means to them. Then one person collected the three line verses and sent the collection to the writers who wanted to participate in writing their own poem based on the verses. We were then asked to write our own poem, using the three line verses, no limits on how we selected and organized the lines or words. This is my version. Enjoy!

We Are Poetry

A crowdsourced poem created

with content submitted by

the Behind Our Eyes Writers Group

For NPM April 2023

By Ann Chiappetta

Beauty blooms inside

A word appreciated without the eye

It is a spread of fragrant petals

A whirl of Bright feathers

a baby’s belly laugh

This vowel blessed word

Spelled with E, A, U and Y, sometimes I

Is both ephemeral and timeless

A beat of two or three;

beatific Beauty is Beautiful

It is a word felt in The passing of a storm’s vitality

Dissipating Into a serene blue sky

my heart responds to the word

It conducts me

Like a guide dog

Through the unseen landscape of a rhymed life.

Until next time-

Annie C.

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