Annie Shares News #9 #NewsNuggets #SocialMediaMonday

Annie Shares News #9 #NewsNuggets #SocialMediaMonday

Good evening, I hope this post finds you all doing well.

While searching through folders, I came upon this newsletter from Ann Chiappetta. If I shared this before, I don’t see, nor remember so just in case, here’s her news for September below.

Be sure to check out the upcoming Writer’s Grapevine for her October update or subscribe directly via way of her information here.

Either way, please enjoy.

Annie Shares News Issue 9, September 2021


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Hello readers-

Welcome to the September issue of my newsletter. I love the warm days and cool evenings, the imperceptible shift in the air. I hope you are safe and healthy.


I’ve got some great news to share.  First, the exciting news about my third book, Words of Life, Poems and Essays © 2019 is now available from as an audio book. For those of you who want to know how I sound reciting my poetry, you are in luck — I narrate most of the poetry. I am joined by the talented voice actors Lillian Yves and Vincent Lee Grayson reading the essays and poems along with me.

Here’s the link:


There’s still time to preorder the Artificial Divide anthology written by authors who are blind and visually impaired. Release date is September 15, 2021, order now, why wait?

Artificial Divide Anthology by Renaissance Press


Step into a world of rogue screen readers, Braille in fantasy worlds, a friend meeting an acquaintance after several years, and more.

This #OwnVoices anthology features fiction by Blind and visually impaired authors showing readers how they thrive, hurt, get revenge, outsmart bullies, or go on epic adventures. Artificial Divide is an own-voices story collection that captures the many layers of Blindness and, for once, puts visually impaired protagonists in the driver’s seat, letting us glimpse their lives.

When we think about it, we’re not really divided. Stories by Eunice Cooper-Matchett, Anita Haas, Rebecca Blaevoet, Tessa Soderberg, Laurie Alice Eakes, Melissa Yuan, Innes – Jamieson Wolf, Ben Fulton, Felix Imonti, – Niki White, M.

Leona Godin, Ann Chiappetta, Lawrence Gunther, Heather Meares, and Jameyanne Fuller.


Links for preordering the paperback, eBook and Audio formats


An important announcement about my unnamed book dragon. She’s found her name after many hours of searching and flying to the highest elevations and deepest caverns.

Alighting  amid creative winds

And whimsical notes she spins

She  makes connections with Annie

And Dreya is her name.


Below is An illustration of Dreya the book dragon amid floating books and musical notes. To the right are the words Making meaningful connections with others through writing.





Thanks for following my creative path and may good tidings, positive energy and the Mother’s blessings be shared among us.



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