Anatomy of a Strong Woman #Inspiration

Anatomy of a Strong Woman #Inspiration

Hello, everyone.

We’re kicking off this WordPress Wednesday with an amazing and most powerful piece.

Christy shares a raw glimpse into her poetic heart.

Let’s join her now.



Anatomy of a Strong Woman



A strong woman. Who is she? How was she made?

Was she born with strength, determination and perseverance?

Or was she formed from necessity?

Forged in the fires of adversity,

Tainted by the sins of others,

Molded through the storms of loneliness and pain.

Was she once a carefree child singing a melody of innocence?

Dancing in the gentle rains of love and joy?

Running with hope and trust to find the strong arms of safety, security and acceptance,

Only to stumble under the iron fists of abuse and disdain.

Was her innocence stolen and traded for shame?

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