An Outage to Remember #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #WritingPrompts #Inspiration

An Outage to Remember #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #WritingPrompts #Inspiration

An Outage to Remember #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #WritingPrompts #Inspiration

Here’s Abbie Johnson Taylor in the #Author’sCorner with a great #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp

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  1. Thank you, Patty, for sharing this. As a matter of fact, there’s snow on the ground now, and it’s only in the low 20s. I couldn’t help wondering if history would repeat itself, but because it’s colder now than it was two years ago when this happened, the snow isn’t heavy enough to down power lines.

    1. Holy cow! I’m sitting here in full sun with temps forecast to be in the high 70s low 80s. Of course next week when I’m to have The Seeing Eye here, it’s going to be windy and cold. hehehaha!
      Can’t believe you’ve snow already. I think I’m not moving there. But then again, how are summers there? Are they very hot, do you have frequent heatwaves? Because I might tolerate snowy winters if the summers aren’t blazing. I dislike blazing.

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