American Flag Memories for June 14 #Author’sCorner #SocialMediaMonday

American Flag Memories for June 14 #Author’sCorner #SocialMediaMonday

American Flag Memories for June 14

by abbiejohnsontaylor

9c8544c6f202543c42ab70d01d334a28?s=32& from alice13wordwalk:

Ready to Raise the Red-White-and-Blue on Flag Day

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

As we prepare to raise the “Red-White-and-Blue” on June 14–Flag Day–I am recollecting memorable USA flags that have waved throughout my life. The first American flags which I recall were in each classroom and in the auditorium, as well as hoisted atop an outdoor flagpole at Jacksonville Grade School, in my hometown of Blanford, Indiana.

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This post’s title pretty much tells you what it’s about. So, what more can I say except that Alice and I have been following each other’s blogs for years and are members of Behind Our Eyes, an organization of disabled writers. To learn more, you can visit: Now, here’s Alice’s post. Happy Flag Day!

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