The cover is a deep, candy apple red, with the title, The Blended Lives Chronicles: Sides of the Order at the top in white text. At the bottom is the author’s name, Patty L. Fletcher, also typed in white. Above the author’s name and below the title of the book is a white skeleton key, taking up about 3/4 of the cover space. The spine of the cover features a white crescent moon on the top left corner of a white number one roman numeral. Below that is the title of the book, followed by the author’s name at the bottom of the spine.


The Blended Lives Chronicles:




By Patty L. Fletcher


Independently published with assistance provided by

Dawn Blythe


Illustrations by Colleen Myles

Editing by Jo Pinto and Dawn Blythe


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



About the Book



Lady Laya MoonWalker is a well respected author and magazine owner and a high priestess in the magickal community. After a drawn-out battle with the forces of dark magik, she has come into her own. She lives and works on Planet Korponious, where she is the owner and creator of an Interplanetary Magazine called “Blended Lives Chronicles.” Her mission is to blend the lines of race, creed, and disability that separate so many and to elevate the recognition of the training and ability of Service Animals of all kinds to a new level. She has just been accepted into the Blended Lives Federation and now hopes to continue her work in a way like nothing known to her before.

Laya has created allot of wreckage along the way through her dark journey into the light, and now she wishes to set this to right. She has just received her best break ever. Frank Prince, the CEO of The Blended Lives Learning Center, has invited her to the Celtic New Year Convention and Witches Ball as a reporter to write a story on the progress of The Blended Lives Planetary Federation. She will be their guest speaker at the opening ceremonies.

When Laya arrives at the Celtic Convention, she finds herself face to face with an old and dear friend, Blended Lives Learning Center Instructor and member of the Order of the Night, Derrick Gibbous. As they begin to connect, causing old sparks to reignite, they are tossed into a nasty battle from which not everyone will escape. People are not as they seem, and not everyone supports the side for which they appear to work.

As their love for one another grows, so does the battle. Despite everything, Laya and Derrick are determined to see their work to unite beings of all kinds succeed.





From Chapter One…


Derrick moved quickly through the crowded lobby, filled to capacity with all manner of beings, both human and animal. He made his way toward the lift cars, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

He cringed as one of his coworkers called, “She took lift number five. You’d best hurry. She looked like a woman on a mission. You never know; she might already have someone waiting.”

Ignoring the catcalls behind him, Derrick tried to recall lift number five, but it refused him. He growled in frustration as the computer’s voice stated, “I’m sorry, Instructor Gibbous, the lift has departed. Please choose another.”

“Hey Derrick, there’s one coming down now.”

Looking back, he saw that several of his friends and coworkers had gathered and were having a wonderful time at his expense. One of them even went as far as to tip his flask of Casimian Shine at him in a mock toast. He didn’t get a chance to respond to the scene, though, because someone in a power wheelchair, being guided by a miniature horse, came barreling out of a nearby doorway and almost bowled him over on a race to somewhere of vital importance. The horse neighed in extreme protest, and his friends’ laughter faded as he boarded the lift and the door slid closed.

Geez. He breathed out a deep sigh of relief. Horses! Miniature or not, helpful or not, damn things ought to have a speed limit.

Taking a deep breath to clear his thoughts and glancing at the number he’d copied, in a voice more solid than he felt, he commanded, “Room 108D, fourth floor.”

And the lift began to rise.


From Chapter Two…


Turning away, I went into the bathroom. After I’d relieved myself, washed my face and hands, and ran a brush from my port-a-pack through my hair, I put it up in one long ponytail. I came back out into the room. I stood there, my arms folded protectively across my chest, casting a circle of white light around myself. I took slow deep breaths in and out. I was at a loss as to what to do or say.

We stayed like that for a minute, him sitting on my bed smoking, getting his pipe going just the way he liked it. A severe popup thunderstorm raged outside. I stood there in the middle of a circle of white light pulsing in time with the beat of my pounding heart, absolutely determined not to cry.

And then as the sweet smell of the tobacco rose into the air, and King, who had finished his food, began to explore the room, Derrick asked, “Are you gonna stay pissed at me the entire time we’re here, or can we sit and work stuff out?”

At the sound of his voice, rolling like a slow peel of thunder round the room, my focus broke, and I lost the circle. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood where I was, lowered my head, and soon hot, fiery, hurt-filled tears began to roll slowly down my face, sizzling onto the floor.

As I sobbed, and the wind began to rise to a shriek outside, the words poured out.



From Chapter Three: The Decision.


As he reached the door to the secret meeting chamber, he thought, Because, once again, I’m being a selfish bastard, but I love her.

Suddenly a premonition of pure evil struck. Derrick was gripped with the urge to turn and run, to grab Laya and King and take them far away. He wanted to shelter Laya from all the danger his loving her against The Order’s wishes could bring. He took a deep breath to calm himself as his hand fell upon the door. The handprint recognition released the lock, and he pushed his way through.


From Chapter Six: Blocked.


As he concentrated on the skyway ahead, my emotions swirled, the storm raged, the flow of traffic became more intense, and a nondescript hovercraft slid unseen behind us.


From Chapter Seven: The Order’s Betrayal.


“Is Randall corrupt or is he just pretending to be to get more information?”

Terrence turned to answer, but before he could, an explosion rocked the transport.

“What in all Hells?”

Derrick glanced back and saw a craft bearing down on them. “Jeez man, go! Go! They’re going to catch us. They’ve already blown a hole in the back.”

As Derrick reached for Laya, a bright blue flash blinded him, and he suddenly could not move. A moment later the transport was falling. As it went down, Laya began to scream. “Nooo! Derrick! Help me!”

The transport hit the ground and burst into flames. When Derrick and Terrence crawled out of the wreckage moments later, Laya was gone.

“Where is she? What have they done? Gods, do they have her?” Derrick started back to the transport.

But Terrence, grabbing his arms, stopped him. “You can’t, man, it’s gone. She’s gone. She wasn’t in there. That light, it was their transporter beam. They stunned us and took her right out of your arms. I’m sorry.”

Derrick, looking up, had just enough time to see the Order’s transport leave the atmosphere. Then, flames reached the fuel tanks of Terrence’s transport, and an explosion ripped through the night.



About Patty L. Fletcher



Patty sits in an office chair at a kitchen table. She wears a light pink v-neck t-shirt with a purple and blue butterfly on the front. She wears blue jeans and light blue sneakers with no laces. Her hair is grey and is in a half ponytail. Between her legs sits a black Labrador dog with a chain collar. at the dog's feet is a yellow tennis ball.



Patty Fletcher is a single mother with a beautiful daughter, of whom she is enormously proud. She has a great son-in-law and six beautiful grandchildren. From April 2011 through September 2020, she owned and handled a black Labrador from The Seeing Eye® named King Campbell Lee Fletcher A.K.A. Bubba. Sadly, after a long battle with illness on September 24, 2020, King Campbell went to the Rainbow Bridge where all is peace and love. In July 2021, she returned to The Seeing Eye® and was paired with a Black Labrador Golden Retriever cross named Blue.


Patty was born one and a half months premature. Her blindness was caused by her being given too much oxygen in the incubator. She was partially sighted until 1991, at which time she lost her sight due to an infection after cataract surgery and high eye pressure. She used a cane for 31 years before making the change to a guide dog.


Currently, Patty lives and works in Kingsport, Tenn.

She’s the creator and owner of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist), The Writer’s Grapevine Online Magazine and the creator and host of the Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing Podcast.


Patty writes with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disabled from the non-disabled.


Patty is also a published author.


Learn more at the links below.


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