All About Me

All About Me

All About Me

All About Me…

Patty L. Fletcher

Spirit Name Lady MoonWalker. (Yes, I use this name in my SF writing.)

I am Totally Blind.  I have a Seeing Eye dog named Campbell Lee Fletcher. A.K.A. King Campbell or Bubba depending upon the situation, mood etc. I had two cats, Celine Kitty who was the eldest member of the family. She left me in 2015. I had a tom named Kitty Bob or Bob Cat and he was a left over from my EX and honestly the best thing I got out of the relationship. He left in 2016. Celine was 16, and Bob Cat was 13.

 Donnie (EX) had a dog named Rocky but he turned out to be more dog than I could handle, and after I rehabbed him from the abuse my EX did to him I rehomed him and he is now King of his own people and happier than ever in his life. I am Bipolar, but I am finding as I go through the change it is becoming easier and easier to handle, other than the fact that we’ve learned that meds aren’t working for me right now, and I need only very light anxiety meds, I’m better than ever before with that.

(The chemical and hormonal changes are going too fast to keep up with meds)

I do have short term memory loss that kicks hard some days. My EX choked me to the point of passing out several times near the end of our time together and caused this to be a forever issue in my world.

I had some trouble with OCD Thinking, and Behavioral Issues including slight Dissociative Behaviors but those have gone. Will they come back? We do not know. I hope not, but never ever make promises. One should never say they’re one-hundred percent cured. One never knows when something might Trigger something else and well, you could wake up one day and find yourself in Episode.

I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, and this can cause balance issues at times. Now as if all that weren’t enough I’ve learned that I have serious damage to ligaments as well as quite a bit of Arthritis   in my right knee, and some damage to my left shoulder (Both Due to Abusive Situations leftover from EX) 

During my darkest sickest time, I destroyed some pretty important things. My relationship with my daughter for one, and a dear friendship for another. I’m hopeful that with time, and hard work I can Earn Their Trust and Restore them in my life.

I am Pagan. I believe in Mother Father Goddess God. I believe in the Holy Spirit, and know that we’re all on the same path, but that we all travel that path just a bit differently. I want to be accepted, and I will accept anyone else right where they are.

 I practice magik through my writing. Through song, and I love the water. I do much magik in tub or shower, and stones are my friend. I do use candles but not often. I like to use the scented wax and warmers. I am learning about herbs, and I have created an altar. I use things like sea-shells, Rose Quartz stones, and am pretty good at Astral Travel, and Dream Walking. I am also learning the Tarot. I use a website and like it pretty well. I hope one day to get a set of real cards, and have them Brailed, but am not ready to do that yet. I think honestly my biggest block at the moment is finance. When bills are paid (Rent and Utilities I have $130 per month to live on. I am planning to start doing some volunteer work and earn food from food banks. They’d gladly give me food as they do all, but I’ve always worked, and up until 2015 I had a good job as a Volunteer Coordinator at Contact Concern of Northeast TN. Everything I do is magik. Just for example…Tonight when I made dinner. The spices that went into the beef I was making meant something, the beef itself meant something. Everything has meaning to me. When I throw away coffee grounds I run them down the sink. Releasing negativity and strife.

When I clean my home, do laundry, or bath I am also clearing my energy field around me, and releasing all things that bother me. Whether they’re Physical, Mental, or Spiritual.

When I Cook, Walk, Write, or Grow Plants, I am drawing things to me.

I also do specific works at certain times. I focus on Healing, Releasing and Drawing, Divination, Astral Travel, and Dream Walking.

 I have a seer stone and it has a groove cut into it and it is a key. That is how I began Dream Walking. (One must request permission to enter another’s dream) I also Astral Travel and I am meeting quite often with a Native American Spirit Guide. I lean toward Druid and Native American Tradition, and I have also just discovered quite a kinship with Hecate. I also have a great closeness with Goddess Dianna thus the Spirit Name Lady MoonWalker.

I practice Calla (Not sure of spelling) That is where you sit with a glass of water. Only as much as you can drink in one go. As you hold the glass or sit it directly in front of you, you envision everything horrible about you that you believe is wrong. Whatever it is. No matter what. Everything that you dislike about yourself envision that. Send it all into that glass of water. Think of that water so dark, and sludge filled that you could turn it up-side-down and it would be so thick and nasty that you’d never get it out of that glass. No matter what you did. (You can expect some emotion with this.) Then once you have done this, you must imagine turning this water back into good clean clear drinking water. You do this by thinking of all the Awesome Magnificent Beautiful Wonderful Miraculous, things about yourself, and you draw all the Nasty Out. Replacing it with all that Awesomeness. Do this until the water is cleaner and clearer than it was to begin with. Then, give thanks and praise to your chosen Higher Power, and to yourself, and drink all that in one go! The process is complete next time you pee. You need not be Magik Minded to do this meditation but it is a magik Meditation. I learned this while reading “Witches of America by Alex Mar.

 Anyhow, that’s me. I did not intend to write so much but here it is.



  1. Thank you for your honesty. It is good to get to know a little more about you. You certainly do have some difficult issues to overcome and i only pray that with time those with whom you have had difficulties will learn to see you with compassion and recognize that lifetime relationships can only flourish when viewed through the eyes of love. Blessings and peace to your heart, Tasha

    1. I’ve overcome allot, and the most of the rest is really about enduring. The over coming is no longer mine to do. I have come to a place of acceptance, and so really it is they who need to overcome. 😊

      1. What I meant about overcoming was not your stuff with others but the physical issues you deal with on an ongoing bases, that is all. Blessings to a brave soul that is you!

        1. Oh! Well, I believe that’s probably going to be more endurance. LOL! I believe the shoulder being back to 90 percent use, when not one but two doctors proclaimed I’d have a shoulder replacement by now is pretty great. The Knee? Well, we shall see! It is a bit of an annoyance. The other stuff…Who knows? I think for someone who has all this, I’m doing pretty well. It does worry me a bit that I’m only 49 years old. Makes me wonder what I’ll be like when I’m 60. However, given the fact that I’ve stop the cigarettes, don’t drink nearly as much as I used to and am becoming more in tune with my body, it may be possible to overcome quite a bit. One can hope anyhow. LOL!

          1. Good for you!

          2. Well, ask me again in a year! LOL! Right now I’m fighting a tooth ache. ☹

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