1. Blessings and love to you, darling Patty at this moment of beginning! *sunrise over mountains**children dancing**doves cooing*

    1. I must believe there is no where for us as a nation to go now but up. I must believe this or else I will end up a puddle on the floor. I think your poem is very appropriate for this day. Love and light to you.

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      1. Yes, dear friend, without Hope we are nothing. I actually wrote this piece the day after Yom Kippor one year. On Yom Kippor it is as if we are dead. We fast from food and even water, abstain from sex, do not wear leather of any kind…all as we reflect on the nature of our personal and collective behavior…the state of the world and humanity. We accept responsibility and seek to do better…personally and collectively. It seemed most fitting for this moment as well.
        Love and Light to you!

        1. It was indeed most fitting and now that you’ve told me its history it has even more meaning.

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