Afraid To Speak? Open yourself and be real

Afraid To Speak? Open yourself and be real

Are you true to yourself? Do you say what you mean, and mean what you say? Do you speak true or do you hide behind what you think people want to hear? If you are analyzing everything, and getting everything in order before you speak, sometimes that is a good thing. Other times, it is suffocating, dangerous, and can be deadly. Maybe not in the physical sense of reality, but most of surely in the emotional, and spiritual. We have heard the old songs, “be true to your school!” I say, “be true to you!” Anything else can only bring heart ache unhappiness and failure.

A wise and true friend said to me once, “Patty, be your self, write your books, sing your songs, dance your dance, be your self! Let everyone else worry about being them.” That is not exact, the exact quote will be in my upcoming book The Raw Truth. You, get the idea though, I am sure. I saw a book titled beat your self, everyone else is taken. I love that! I have not yet read that book, but it’s title speaks volumes! Hard though it has been for me to learn to do this, I am doing it. Guess what? The World did not and. No one died. Not even me. I have more friends now than ever before. Not in number, but reality. Do you get me? The people I had, worked what I thought. Weren’t what I wanted, or needed. One day a friend said to me “if you always do ask you did, you will always have what you have.” That was like a revelation! Quite literally. Opened my eyes, and mind, in an entirely new way. It is written,”ate mind, once expanded, buy a new idea, cannot, return to normal dimensions.” So open, and expand, today!


  1. Beautiful, Patty!

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