Advertising and Subscribing to The Neighborhood News

Advertising and Subscribing to The Neighborhood News

Pricing Updates

The cost is now $15.00 per year for an advertisement with a 200 word limit with or without photo. One time ads can be gotten for the price of $5.00

All submissions must be sent in by the 30TH of each month without fail.

The email address to send subscription requests, advertising, literary submissions, or PayPal Payments to

To place your Ad, please send your information including contact info such as email address, phone or website. (One link per Ad)

Font & Size: – Times New Roman, size 12 200 word limit with or without a photo.

Payments may be sent to me via PayPal or if you like you may email me to find out how to send a money order.

We are currently looking for literary submissions.

We do not charge for literary submissions.

If your submission is going to need editing you may contact Claire Plaisted


Plaisted Publishing House  or

Literary Submissions can be short stories, narratives, or poems. They’re not to accede 2000 word count.

*** I’m making a 2016 Directory Please send the info listed to join this directory!

This directory is designed so that all wishing to do so can   reach out and network with others.

Please write back with the following information.

# indicates Optional * Indicates required to receive or continue Receiving.

All Optional info will be shared if reader gives permission.

  • First and last name
  • Subscription Email
  • Advertiser (Yes No)

# Secondary Email (Share or Private)

# Social Media (Share or Private)

# Phone (Share or Private)

Thanks so much and have a great day. I’ll let you know when the directory becomes available.

If you’d like to have an ad in the directory such as are posted in Products and Services please send $5.00 via PayPal

Follow Newsletter Guidelines when submitting Directory Ad


Thank you for your business.

Patty L. Fletcher

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