Advanced Technology!: Over Priced? Over Rated? Unnecessary? Or…? Does It Benefit Us All In the End? ***SOUND OFF!***

Advanced Technology!: Over Priced? Over Rated? Unnecessary? Or…? Does It Benefit Us All In the End? ***SOUND OFF!***

Hi Readers everywhere! I’ve got a hot-button issue to talk with you about this afternoon.

Earlier today I was reading over notifications in my Facebook News Feed, and came upon a most delightful, and rather opinionated conversation.

I, loving a good debate, decided to chime in.

So, now I bring it to you Readers! What do you think? Make sure to read on, and comment back. I’ll give you a couple of ways at the end of this post.

Now, like I say, earlier today I was reading FB notifications, and I came across a post in a group called, Opportunities For the Blind. Now, this is a really awesome group. A diverse crowd, lots of different backgrounds, income brackets, fields of study, culture and more… So when this topic came up, as you can imagine, we’ve had a couple really great discussions.

So, here it is…

Is advanced technology such as Google Glasses, or Mobility Shoes a waist? Are those types of things over priced, over rated, and unnecessary? Or, are they like so many other types of advanced technological inventions before them, soon to be highly mass produced, competitively priced, and beneficial to all?

Robert Branco of Consumer Vision brought this lively topic to light, but I want to take it a bit further.

Robert says things like Google Glasses, which give the user a range of assistance options such as locating a bathroom or store inside a building without having to disrupt activities being conducted by busy personnel, or mobility shoes which assist you with tactile and directional mobility information,thus making it easier to get around on your own are over priced, over rated, and unnecessary. He is under the assumption that all of us are alike, and do not mind disrupting daily life, being somewhat of a on intended nuisance, and would simply rather ask.

I for one would like to move about in public as unnoticed and unobtrusive as possible. I’d like to be able to function as independent and efficiently as possible. Thus appearing more capable, making me more desirable as a possible…
* Employ
* Partner
* Family Member and more…

So readers, what do you say?

Want new technology to help you live the best life you can, making you as capable as the next traveler down the street? Or, do you like things just as they are?

Let us know.

Sound of by commenting here, or by joining the FB group Opportunities For the Blind, and letting everyone know what you think.

If you join, you make certain to let’s know Patty and Campbell sent you, and have a nice day.

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