A Year and…

A Year and…

 Patty L. Fletcher

March 13 2016


Up until February of 2015 I had worked at a steady job, was well known throughout the communities I served and felt I would be secure for a long time to come. In February of last year I came to a place where I could not continue with the job I found myself in.

There were many reasons, none of which matter here. I only write about this time to further explain why I feel as I do now. I feel as if I have been dropped from a good place on a great climb of a fabulous and beautiful mountain, down to a very low and dark place in a valley where there is no sun.

I know my job was not my whole life, and I even know it honestly was not my life’s purpose or work. However, now that I’m a year out from all that, I find myself floundering, and after a quick visit from family this morning was inspired to write.

I used to be able to help others in such great and awesome ways, with very little effort at all. It felt wonderful to help to relieve the hurt and suffering of others, if only to guide them in the directions they should go. My education and training allowed me that awesome pleasure. Now, however this very education and training, doesn’t seem to be able to do a thing for me.

Frustrating as it is, I was still able to write the following, with a little help from other authors, here is my post for the day.

As I struggle to get through yet another day where I feel less than, and as if I am always asking and never giving back, I send this peace prayer out to all who are helping and supporting me this day. I have nothing of monetary value and nothing of earthly good, only my love and life to give. I long to serve others and have not yet found a place to do so.
Read the below and know that when I recite the words

“I love you, God bless you, peace be still” I encircle you all within.

Hello Dear Peacemakers,

Thank you for your heartfelt participation in the peace prayers. We are touched by the loving and peace that is with us. Today we begin with a sharing from a fellow peacemaker.
Are there any positions or judgments I can let go of right now that would bring me into greater peace?

I can let go of focusing my responses and reactions to please others (“the god of opinion”) and check in with myself to respond from a place of loving and being myself. I don’t need to be right or even liked, I need to be the loving me that longs to come out and play. (Claudia, USA)

Here is a quote and process from John-Roger:

“Peace is not like a leaf
floating on still water.
Peace is alive and vital.
It includes children who are making noise,
laughing, crying and doing life their way.”

– John-Roger, Founder | Institute for Individual and World Peace®

What is the peace that resides in children?

We love receiving your emails of your experiences with peace and we invite you to reply and share with us whenever you are moved to do so.
We leave you with a quote from John Morton:
“Look for moments of blessing and peace.
Make them expand and endure.
Become a master of enjoying life.”

– John Morton, Spiritual Director, | IIWP®

IIWP’s mission is to identify and present the processes that lead to peace.

We love you,
God bless you,
Peace be still.
Joan Shea, D.S.S.
Institute for Individual and World Peace®
peaceprayer@iiwp.org | iiwp.org

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  1. I am sorry that you feel so low. I hope that a job appears soon for you. So you can feel like you are helping people. My prayers are with you. Love DeAdra

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