***A SPECIAL RANTING REPORT!!!***: Think About the disAbled When You Need Them and Kick Them To the Gutter When You Don’t!

***A SPECIAL RANTING REPORT!!!***: Think About the disAbled When You Need Them and Kick Them To the Gutter When You Don’t!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled friendly feel good post to bring you a special ranting report.

Good morning everyone. I hope this post finds you doing super great. All things considered I’m doing OK. I do, however, have a few issues that are driving me to distraction and destruction and I’m just going to have to speak on them. I mean I gotta let off some steam else, BOOM! POW! You get the idea…

So, starting on Tuesday, and continuing throughout the week, my Siri on my IPhone stopped working. Well, I suppose I should qualify, if I look at the screen with my fingers, by swiping down for a continuous read, I can most times see the answer for what I’ve asked, but the voice isn’t working.

On Tuesday morning I checked online with the Apple.com/accessibility website and found no reason why this would be happening. At the end of the day I phoned Spectrum Mobile which is where I purchased my phone, and the very helpful CRS lady told me that the last update had caused Siri to not work correctly when the phone was in low power mode and an update would come along soon to fix this issue.

OK. Great. I could fix this. So, I turned off low power mode, restarted the phone and YES! It started working fine again.

Then… It stopped. Now, I do not have it on low power mode. I have anywhere from 2 to 4 bars of signal depending where I am in the house, I haven’t gone over my data (of course I’m supposed to have unlimited data but…) Anyhow, it has no reason to do what it is doing. Either it won’t talk at all, or it tells me it’s having trouble connecting to the network. Frustrated doesn’t qualify. I use this damned app every-day. I truly don’t know who to yell at so I’m just fracken yelling!!!!!!!!


On top of this, this morning, honest to God just because the clock said A.M. I don’t consider the time I woke up morning, but anyhow, I woke up at: 1:21 A.M. and haven’t been back to sleep. So, while everyone can say its morning, to me it already feels like mid-day. GRR.

I need to go out onto the bus today. It’s our last day with an active bus stop here, and don’t even get me started on that.


Well, the bus company and city of Kingsport have decided we folks here on Redwood Dr. and surrounding areas of the Borden park neighborhood don’t need a bus stop. Now before I go forward, I must tell you that they damn well knew where the new bus station would be because it had already been under construction for quite sometime before they added our bus stop, which contrary to popular belief is used every-day.

I don’t use it every-day, but I do use it, and a family across the street consisting of an adult disAbled member and several care givers rides that bus every-day without fail. They use that bus stop for at least one way of their outing, and when weather permits, they use it for both. I’ve also witnessed people from the park using it, and if they’d bothered to advertise it a bit other people, like high-school kids with student passes would’ve used it too. I know because I went over to the park and spoke to people randomly, and they were surprised there was a bus stop, and dismayed to just be learning about it only to have it taken away.

So, anyhow, they cannot meet the need of their door to door passengers, which I’m going to now be again, thanks very much, most times they’re booked up as much as a week in advance, so what the Flippin hell do I do when I get up on a Monday and realize I’m out of toilet paper and call the bus to get a same day service van only to be told they’ve no van service available until the following Tuesday? Well, like today, I’d go out and catch the bus. But, Nooo! They want to get rid of it and say it’s cause of the new location of the bus station.

GRR! Local Government.

Now, mind you I helped them get their fracken money for this new bus station, the location of which is removing our bus stop. I was asked by their “Rights Advocate” to write a letter showing proof of need for things like the new bus station, which is now removing our stop, talking GPS units which would be installed on the busses, which were bought but only a very few of actually work, and other things. I also was asked to and did participate in a video proving that disAbled persons used the public mass transit regularly, but now, now, the very things which I helped to get are doing away with services I and others like me need!

How does this make me feel? In a word, used. “Think about the disAbled when you need them and kick them into the gutter when you don’t.”

Ah well, life is what it is. I tried to get something done about it but the powers that are of the state while at first, appeared to be interested, and seemed like they might help, have dropped off the radar, which in “reality speak” means they don’t give a shit!

So, pay your city taxes, folks, be told part of them are going for services to help the disAbled communities of your town and be lied to. Oh, and forget getting things like def/blind friendly signal lights, because when I tried that I was told there weren’t enough people in our town that would use them, again a load of crap. I’m not the only guide dog handler in Kingsport. Not the only visually challenged walker, and we’ve hearing challenged persons who ride our bus and walk every-day. and how the hell are we supposed to walk to show we would use something if what is there is unsafe?


Sick of companies like Apple always updating things without thought to what they’re doing to the voice over compatible apps, and extremely tired of local governments walking all over their disAbled communities those of whom provide economy to their town. You sure as hell don’t mind taking our money for things in your stores and shops, rent, etc.

OK. Rant over. I thank you for reading if you did, and I now return you to your regularly friendly feel good blog posts.


  1. Patty, thanks for the update on your bus stop situation. I had just written to you about that and then found this post. Are you in touch with the media? I could help you with that, if you want – or, is it just time for you to move anyway?

    As for your iPhone and Siri, … Here’s the thing. I told one of our nephews that what I really wanted was a flip phone with buttons that does what the one I have says it will do. I explained that I like real buttons, in part because my 69-year-old hands aren’t as sensitive or steady as they once were (and, they weren’t very good to begin with).

    So, what does he do? He arranges for me to have an iPhone 5S for one month, with lots of whatever on it. I’m happy about that, or I was till it took me two days to get it to go on and off reliably.

    Yes, Patty, I’ve been to the VoiceOver and other sites, gotten advice from the Tech for Blind People FB group and have actually learned a few things. So, here I am trying to learn the difference between a slide and a flick and missing my $19 flip phone with its physical buttons. Then, along you come bad-mouthing Apple, Siri and the dratted iPhone. Now, I ask you, how am I supposed to give this stupid thing a real chance with that kind of an endorsement? Arg! 

    1. First, due to this post, and some things that took place yesterday morning, I’ve gotten in touch with some persons who may be able to help.

      But, I’m also going to be moving in the next 6-months so for me, it’s not going to make a huge difference. As to getting in touch with the media, I’ve reached out to my local media and at this time we’re taking a wait and see approach due to yesterday’s happenings, which I am not yet at liberty to discuss.

      As to flip phones, they don’t make them much anymore, and none of them are currently accessible.

      You have a IPHone which is so out of date that you’ll never have a correct experience. The 6 and up is what you need, and majority of what can be done with an IPhone is done via voice command and they’re extremely easy to learn to use if you go with the learning processes found on the Apple site and Freedom Scientific site, and don’t fight the flow of learning.

      I find 3 out of 4 times the lack of ability people have is their fighting change.

      Good luck. My Siri issue will be resolved on Monday when I get to a wireless connection and take the latest update. I will go to Walmart and visit their phone center because they employ someone who understands the accessibility issues of the blind and hearing challenged.

      Apple has a wonderful accessibility line and they can talk you through anything. They also have very descriptive videos and training material on their site. But again, the IPhone you have is seriously out of date and you’ll not get a correct experience.

      This post, was as I wrote in the beginning, simply a way to release my frustration. I find most times once this is done solutions are to hand if we allow them. It’s the allowing humans seem to have issue with.

      1. Patty, Glad to hear you’re making some head-way with the bus issue. Even if you’re moving, it seems right that you settle this for your neighbors who use it everyday and for your advocacy that you’ve been involved in for so long. It would be a great cap on your work with the transit system, if you could stop this travesty before you move. I hope it works out OK.

        As for the iPhone and the flip phone. First, my flip phone has text-to-speech which allows me to input contacts, text, keep to-do lists and use the settings and tools. It’s supposed to send emails, too, but there’s a problem with the phone, so it charges me, but it doesn’t send squat. It’s supposed to do Bluetooth also, but it doesn’t. It has a camera, voice recorder and video, which aren’t terrific, but I can use them. It also has a rudimentary voice command that you can use to make calls, get the time and date and some other stuff I don’t bother with. I haven’t tried the Browser, since I already have internet, and the phone is with Tracfon, so we buy minutes.

        Anyway, I’ve done some research, and there are some flip phones out there, including one that costs over $400.

        I do like the Apple videos, but I wish the guy had explained what differentiates a slide from a flick.

        I hear you about people not wanting change, and I recognize that in myself. There was a time when I was eager to learn new tech stuff, but I’m not there anymore. I used to have more patience, but now I fight the fatigue of it. I think Lynda has the right idea of taking a summer break. Blessings, Donna

        1. Well, I learned something I didn’t know about flip phones and stand happily corrected.

          Do you think you could send me a link for that via email? I know someone who might benefit from something like that.

          Iphones are expensive more than that, so I’d say that’s a deal.

          As to the bus stop, I’ve been doing some scoouting about, and I think I found a solution, but have to get someone who can come do a walk about with me. Either way I’m not done with the issue.

          1. Patty, Here are a couple of links. The first is from AFB’s Access World, and is old (2/17), but the author does a great job defining the issues. I highly recommend it as a good place to start. The second is from Perkins (also dated), and has some interesting observations in the comment section. The third is not accessibility related, but gives an overview of the flip phones that are on the market now.

            Easier-to-Use Cell Phone Options for People with Vision Loss | AccessWorld | American Foundation for the Blind


            Easier-to-Use Cell Phone Options for People with Vision Loss | AccessWorld | American Foundation for the Blind

            Flip phones for the Visually impaired are still relevant! | Paths to Technology | Perkins eLearning


            Compare the Best Flip Phones Available Right Now | WhistleOut


            Anyway, that should get you started.


          2. Donna. First, thanks for the links. I appreciate those.
            Second, if I didn’t have the correct notifications on in my settings I’d have never found this let alone seen the links.
            WordPress saw this is spam because they weren’t from WordPress blogs, when I asked for the links I asked for you to send them to me in an email. Not on the blog.
            But I’ve gone into the spam and removed this and approved it for this post.
            In the future however, when I ask for things to be sent in email rather than on the blog please do that, because I don’t always check my spam.
            Thanks and all is well.

          3. Hmm, I guess I should have sent them to you privately. I had an interesting experience yesterday while trying to leave a comment on a WP blog. I had a comment blocked. I re-worded it and it was accepted.

          4. Their privacy and security policy changed a little while back.

            I don’t still have the email.

            All is OK though. I rescued them. Luckily I keep my notifications set to let me know when something goes in there.

            As to your comment being blocked, it’s all about keywords, algorithm and what the system sees is bad.

            Trouble with all this is things change all the time.

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