A short story by Patty

A short story by Patty

IMG_20170512_151228063Earlier this evening, I wrote this.

Then I had an issue come up with someone who has quite obviously forgotten from where they’ve come, had way more success than their ego can handle, and nearly became upset thinking thoughts like…

“Well, what would someone like that need with the likes of me? I’m no-one.”

Then I went to eat, and was reading some notifications on FB and saw someone had read, and enjoyed what I wrote.

For a moment, Short-term-memory-loss struck!

 I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I’d written.

So, I went to have a look.

When I saw it, I was quickly reminded of just how awesome things are going for me, and the thought came to me, that I might just not be the one with the issue.

So, I dried my tears, and decided to write this little message to go along with it, and share it all.

Anyhow, I might not have lots of money, and I might not have a bestselling book yet. I might not know all the things I need to know yet, to make a bestselling book happen. I might not have had a big-time business, and I might just wear Dollar-store shoes, and hair-ribbons, but I’m doing better than ever before in many ways, and I’m proud. So, I encourage you to read this, and if you like it, share it. You never know. Someone might be sitting somewhere feeling low.

They might need to realize that the small accomplishments are just as important as the big ones, and they just might need to feel validated.

As I sit here at the end of this day, I’m amazed at what I see all around.

Here I am…
Fed, happy well.
Reasonably healthy, after a long, drawn out, and at times painful illness.

I was sick, Spiritually, mentally, physically, and maybe a bit in my soul.

Then, I began to heal my whole self. Began to throw away that which no longer had my best interests at heart. Began to cast, and pray for peace, and prosperity.

Began to have faith that Mother Father God would take care of all my needs, and would you look?

I’m making my own way in this world.

I am creating my own business, and have paying clients.

I’m making new friends, and renewing old friendships.

I’m joining and helping to grow groups, and trying to, leave the world a little something good from myself for a change.

I’m writing new and fun books.
I’m walking forward on the road of life, bumpy at times, though it can be.

I’m taking the beautiful pathways and enjoying the scenery along the way.

I finally understand, “The most important part is the journey.”

I’ll be fifty-years-old in November, and I’m proud to say I’m further along in my life, then I thought could possibly ever come to be.

I’m truly blessed beyond measure this day, and I’ve a lot of great people I can thank.

They all know who they are, and I’ll not embarrass anyone like that.

I’m just way happy to be alive, to do these things I am doing, and to be living as I am able this day.

Not one moment are we promised. This breath I am taking, could be my last.

I want to leave something wonderfully beautiful behind when I’m gone, and pray Mother Father God, allow it to be so.

Blessid Be to all!


If you read all the way to the end, thanks.

I appreciate you.

Thanks everyone for helping me to get to this point, and I hope something I write will one-day help you.


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