A Poem a Day from Walking By Inner Vision


  1. How nice of you to post my poem! I am having a good time this April writing A-Poem-a-Day for National Poetry Month. It is keeping me hopping to get a poem written each day – it takes several hours but usually my poems take much longer to write so this is really a challenge in tenacity for me. In the month of April, there is a poem everywhere we look – miraculous transition from one day to the next. Thank you for sharing this poem which I really enjoyed writing yesterday.

    1. Hi. You are so welcome. It is my pleasure. Now that I have started following your page in this way, by connecting it to another page of mine, I get your posts when they come up. I am able to share them directly to my blog which takes people back to your page. Which is the idea. LOL. Anyway, I am happy to do it.

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