A Novel About Reconciliation #Thursday Book Feature

A Novel About Reconciliation #Thursday Book Feature

I would like to add my thoughts on this book review.
First, I am grateful for any book review. Especially when it is a review for a book which is published by one of my clients.
Secondly, it is a well written review.
Lastly, and in my mind most important…
The comment made concerning the term of endearment used in this book is to my mind incorrect.
Maybe in the area from where the author who wrote this book comes, people do not use this term of endearment anymore. However, in the setting in which this story takes place that term of endearment is used prevalently. And, in the south from where I, it is also used prevalently.
My advice?
No something about the setting where a book takes place before you make such comments!


  1. Thank you for re-blogging, and thank you for the suggestion.

    1. Hi, you are welcome for both. You have another reader comment, so I hope you will respond she comments on your posts that I share here a lot.

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  2. I sometimes have the same feelings about some comments made in reviews, Patty.

    1. Hi, first of all thank you for commenting. Secondly, thank you for reading the post. And lastly, thank you for validating what I felt. I have been feeling like I was on the outside looking in ever since my feet hit the floor this morning.

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  3. I think that we must always take everything into consideration.

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