A Morning of Frustration No Boxes Please?

A Morning of Frustration No Boxes Please?

Good Morning! CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! ! ! I’m feeling frustrated this morning because I do not like feeling as though I’m being put into a box, and already this AM I feel so…

Let me speak on this for a moment… I feel I must qualify and explain myself. Why? Because once again, someone Assumed something, did not ask, and corrected without need.

1. I get that when I send something to be submitted into a magazine it is going to be edited to fit the need of that magazine. I am not so easily offended or hurt that, that is a problem for me. I expect it. What I don’t expect is for someone to “Assume” that something is wrong just because it is done a certain way.

Going to ask and answer a couple of questions I wish had been asked of me, and hope that those reading will understand my reasoning.

Why do I capitalize certain words in the middle of sentences that would not normally be capitalized? Well, not long ago I read a book. In that book there was a character. This character liked to capitalize words she felt were important, “As the Germans do.” I thought that was a neat idea, so when the editor of a friend’s Online magazine corrected this, and explained why, it annoyed me. Not that she corrected. That did not annoy. Maybe that wasn’t right for that particular situation. Maybe an advertisement isn’t an appropriate place to do such. Maybe it needed to look more Professional. My annoyance? She never asked why I did so. It never crossed her mind there may have been a reason.

Next thing. Back when I wrote my first book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life I spelled the words, ‘magic’ and ‘blessed’ “magik” and “Blessid” The editor of that book, corrected them. When I explained that they would most assuredly be spelled, Magik and Blessid and instructed her to put them back, she then asked permission to write a slight explanation as to why they were spelled thus. What annoyed me there was that, she did not bother to put why I chose to spell them in that way, just that I’d done so. When I asked her later why she’d done that, she said, “Well, I did not want people to think me a bad editor.” Let me tell you… I think it’s a bad editor that doesn’t realize there is more than one spelling for a word, and doesn’t understand that certain writing styles and spellings, reflect what type of person is writing. In the book where I saw the character who capitalized words she deemed important, the author described her as a “Widely diverse and well educated person” Why? Because of how she wrote. The character’s chosen way of writing gave her a unique way, and set her apart.

People! If it is one thing I hate more than anything else in this world, it is to be put into a box. I cannot stand that people think there is only one way to do things. I absolutely want to rip off my skin when people tell me I should not wear out of style clothes, write certain words spelled in the old ways, and o worship a certain way. I am not you. You are not me. Let us be we, but let me be me.

I know there are times when we must conform to the “Correct Way” but dog gone it! Don’t assume your way is always the only way

I Am what I AM What and Who I AM and I’ll not be boxed!

Yall have a great day. Rant Over!

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