A House: Memories, and Who Holds the Power?

A House: Memories, and Who Holds the Power?

Patty L Fletcher

December 22 2015

A house, what is a house? A house is nothing more than wood and nails, or concrete and steel. A house sits on a foundation and waits for people to live in it. A house can take on the personality of those who live within. It does so by the things the people living within dress it in, put on in and around it, and how they live their lives while keeping residents there,  as well as the energy they leave behind.

Memories. What are memories? Do they hold power over us, or do we hold power over them? If there are memories in a house, will those memories be other places as well? Some say no. Some say that you can leave them behind inside that house. I say this is incorrect. I learned my first lesson concerning this years ago, long before I was even a grown woman.

Long ago when I was around five or so, we lived in a rental. It was a roomy old house. Open spaces and plenty of yard, on a hill though it was. There were neighbor kids to play with, and life was all around to explore. A few years later when  I learned we were to move, I felt sad. I was frightened I’d lose the good feelings I got every time I thought of the house. I feared I’d forget my friends and the awesome summer we’d had the season before, and I feared they’d forget me.

What I learned was this. The memories went with me. I went with me, and I held the power as to whether I remembered those or not. I have to say this came as a surprise to my young self, and it has taken quite some time for me to grasp the entire scope of that experience.

Now I have some real thought on the subject, after having once again been faced with a similar question. Let me speak on it…

Just the  other day I was singing the praises of my home. I was talking of its spacious size and how I longed to fill it with the laughter and happiness of life. I spoke of how I wanted to create the memories of  smells of holiday cooking, and of family visits.  I talked of its awesome location and the great and wondrous freedoms it allowed me to have, and I spoke of how wonderful it was to come home in the middle of the day from an early morning out, crack open a cold beer and sit on the swing just to while the fall afternoon away in the sun Campbell at my feet and the world going by all around us.

As I finished the one I was chatting with said, “But don’t the memories of times with your EX haunt you some?” I thought about this a moment and then said, “The memories of that time are inside me. No matter where I go there they are. I decide when I think of them, and what makes that happen. No object from inside the house, hell! Not even the house itself can do that. I’ve even come to the point where I am ready to work on the bed room we used to share at times and make it in to a room for the animals.”

As I sit here now, in the apartment of a great and awesome friend of mine having morning coffee, and working this out in my head, I am struck again with the simplicity of it all. The point to all this my friends is very simple. “Where ever you go, there you are.” You can move to ten different locations in the world. Literally go to ten different countries if you wish, but if you think about what you’re attempting to escape, you are there.

As we are now full in to the Solstice, whether Winter in the Northern hemisphere, or Summer in the Southern, makes no difference. The power is high, and the time for leaving the old behind and drawing the new is here.

Take this time to leave that which haunts you behind, and start anew.

As you go through your day recite these few words. See if they don’t make a difference in your life.

“Hand to hand, heart to heart, give to me, a brand new start.”

“If you believe it it is so.”

“Magik is the force of will by the use of imagination.”


  1. Yes you are right. You can’t leave your past behind. Where you are, there you are.

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