A Happy Holly Jolly Holiday from Lynda McKinney Lambert: New post LOVE – The PINK Angel Candle #Author’sCorner

A Happy Holly Jolly Holiday from Lynda McKinney Lambert: New post LOVE – The PINK Angel Candle #Author’sCorner

Welcome back to our Happy Holly Jolly Holiday Party.

Today, Pennsylvania author and artist Lynda McKinney Lambert shares with us Week Four of Advent.


LOVE – The PINK Angel Candle

by Lynda Lambert

Yes, you have a personal Guardian Angel that is with you from birth, and will be with you for your life, and will accompany you upon your passage back to where you originally came from at the time of your birth. Angels surround us every day and night, intervene in our life to protect and guide us. God created angels. Angels are not human. Humans will never become an angel. Angels are messengers from God. Humans were created by God, and a step beneath the angels.

From Pennsylvania author and artist, Lynda McKinney Lambert.

The angels give clarity to any possible confusion that may have developed – Angels made announcements, predictions for the present and the future, gave directions, and provided protection.

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  1. Patty thank you for sharing my Advent post of the Angel candle – LOVE. Thank you to all who commented – so much appreciated. Have a Holly Jolly holiday to all of you. Here isn the Pittsburgh area of PA, we say ” Thank YINZ, and Merry Christmas to all of Yinz.” It’s known as Pittsburgheze.” lol

    1. Hi Lynda.

      You’re very welcome.

      My apologies for just now getting to your comment. I’ve been all day working on both a holiday podcast and The Writer’s Grapevine Holiday Extravaganza.

      The podcast is at the audio editor’s and the magazine has just been released.


      Time for PJS a drink and book.

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