A great couple of days overdid it just a bit taking the afternoon off (Post is being dictated on iPhone)

A great couple of days overdid it just a bit taking the afternoon off (Post is being dictated on iPhone)

Yesterday was one of those rainy days that were cool, breezy, and enjoyable. Even though blue and I got wet several times we had a fabulous day. The best part was in the evening when I called up to some friends here in my own breezeway. Blue and I had not visited with them in quite some time. After a little chat we started talking about my pottery. I went inside and got them to pieces which were similar yet different in many ways. Lee my neighbor who is recovering from some broken bones due to a fall and is currently in a wheelchair exclaimed over his declaring, “it’s a soap dish a beautiful soap dish this looks as good as something I would purchase in a store. How wonderful. “And began discussing where he would put it
My other neighbor Shirley, decided “it’s a coaster. “I told her I was a bit unsure of that since I wasn’t positive that it set level he was she said she was going to try it and so far as I know she hasn’t spilled anything yet
During all this I stood too long on concrete. Now my sciatica is singing. But today pottery was magnificent. I made new pieces. I began to try my wings. I had a pleat piece of clay which was cut to a specific size and head turned itself into an odd shape following the outline of the shape and what it appeared to be to me in my mind I begin creating. It is waiting to become leather hard and then low fired.
I am taking it easy blue is taking a nap. Through all of this his behavior has been amazing. You guys have a super great rest of your day. The humidity of June is here.

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  1. Patty what a lovely thing to do – gift your potter to two people that I know really were surprised and so happy for this gift. Keep the good times going. I had a lovely day today – they finished all the work on my floor – a visit from my granddaughter, some resting time, some writing time, and even some sitting on the porch in the Amish rocker several times. Listening to birds from dawn to dusk, watching the bunny in the grass, and feeling loved.

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