A Case For Anger And Magic

A Case For Anger And Magic

Are you tired of being told you should breath in, breath, out, and move on? Sick of being told your wrong for getting upset, being angry about things that aren’t right in your world? Sick of being told to calm down? Tired of all the white light and fluff?

If you answered yes, to even one of those questions, no matter your belief system, this is the post for you to read.

This comes at a time in my day when I am absolutely just, well, to put it bluntly Pissed! Just absolutely so mad, right now I’ve quite literally told everyone, do not knock on my door, do not speak to me, leave me alone.

Why? Because all day long I’ve been told one thing after another, this place in my mind is totally filled with confusion and chaos, and as a friend the other day said to me, if ignorance is bliss, there are a hell of a lot of very blissful people running round!

While I have had some very helpful persons here, during my stay, I have also dealt with a whole lot of unnecessary nonsense!

I have never dealt with such ridiculousness in my days, and as I was sitting here going through my emails, I was feeling guilty because I simply lost my cool, and told them all they needed a fucking coordinator that had some damned sense!

Now, seems like I’m not the only one sick and tired of being told, “Oh! Honey, don’t be angry, it serves no purpose!” OK fine, firstly, yes, yelling screaming and being a mental basket case, all the time, shuts people down, stops compromise, and at times brings things to an abrupt all stop!

However, to be told that you should not feel these emotions, recognize, and allow them, is wrong, and I knew it all along.

Having it validated by likeminded persons with whom I can relate, has helped me in ways you cannot understand.

Now, I don’t think I’d go so far as to put a curse on anyone or anything, but if the people who have caused me such stress, and upset today end up with a rash, in a most uncomfortable place for the remainder of the day, and into the night, I won’t feel one damned bit of guilt.

It is my opinion they should have to feel just a bit of the discomfort I’ve had to feel this day.

Click the source link, and see what you think.

Thanks GrannyMoon, and Blessid Be.

Source: A Case For Anger And Magic

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