A Call to the World #Unity

A Call to the World #Unity

Hello to All.

Today, I’d like to speak about something weighing heavily on my mind.

I’d like to speak with You about the lack of Unity in these, Our Great "United States."

I’d like to Urge All to Stop quarreling and Work Together to Find Common ground on which to Stand.

At this point, it no longer matters who You voted for, and really it no longer matters who won.

At this point, what We should All be Focusing on is trying to Heal a Broken World.

If You believe the commandment of "Love Your Neighbor as Yourselves" then I call upon You to behave so.

We Must find ways in which We can Work Together. We Must find ways to each out to those who aren’t Quite like us. Those who might be walking a different path than You or I might take.

What makes this country Great is Freedom to Choose.

If You do indeed believe in Prayer, then Pray for the Highest Good to be done for not only Our Great "United States" but for the entire World. But, when doing so don’t forget that what You Perceive as being the Highest Good, might not be what the Creator has in mind.

If You truly do have Faith, then Practice that now.

Stop insisting to have things All one way and start asking the Creator to Guide Our Way.

I Invite you to Pray with me now…

"Thank You for the sun.

Thank You now day’s begun, All Our Needs, Wants, and Desires they’re met.

Thank You for what We have and have not yet.

Thank You when day is through, We will still be We and You will still be You.

Light Our Path.

Guide Our Way.

Give Us that which to Do and Say.

So Mote It Be. Blessid Be.


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