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Across Two Novembers: A Year in the Life of a Blind Bibliophile

By the most interesting, and amazing…

 David L. Faucheux.



I tell you, Campbell and I have been really busy this week, and today has been no exception. We’ve got for you today, a really fascinating guest. My friend, and fellow author here, is one of the most well-read persons I know.

What’s even more exciting is, he’s taken that which he’s learned, written it all down, kept the best records a man could possibly keep, and now, he’s got it all wrapped up in a fabulous book, which he has graciously agreed to share a bit about with us here at campbellsworld.

 So, without any further delay…   I give you, a most fascinating book…


Across Two Novembers: A Year in the Life of a Blind Bibliophile

By the most interesting, and amazing…

 David L. Faucheux.


Hi, David, and welcome to campbellsworld. We’re glad to have you along, and want to jump right into the questions, if that’s OK.

Sure, go ahead, ask-away!

So, first thing I wanted to know, after reviewing your most fabulous website is…

What was your inspiration to write such a book, and, how did you begin?

Hi, Patty, and readers.

My inspiration came from two different places.  One, a friend asked me to review her journal-type book, and second, I have long wanted to write something but could never get anything fictional to develop.  I could never get beyond a basic framework. My characters would not grow. 

OK, so, fiction doesn’t work for you, but, obviously you had something else in mind.

Once you decided, and made a plan, to take on this monumental task, how did you go about carrying it out?

Since it was a journal I was writing, I basically made myself sit at my computer at the end of every day and write something.  I needed to get something down: something I had done, thought, read, or eaten that day.  So, it was a step-by-step process.            

Is there anything you might share? You know? Like a favorite passage from your book?  Or…Maybe an entry that didn’t make it in, but is special to you in some way?

The book is a journal that has been polished.  Quotes and book bits give additional depth.  As to a favorite passage, hard to say, but I do like this bit from my Books through the Years section for February.  I was so intrigued, as to email an author and she was so positive.  She did review the book for me earlier this year and that review is one of four that appears on the book jacket.

Below is a review, I did for her, in return.



Cummings, Priscilla. Blind Sided

This young adult novel deals with the newly–blind heroine’s determination to become independent. The author and I exchanged emails about life at a residential school for the blind. I am mentioned in the acknowledgements. I still think that a sequel would work. It could show the heroine finishing college and getting her first job

So, I have this kind email from the author.

From: Priscilla Cummings

Subject: Re: Comments on your book

Hi, David—Thank you so much for your very detailed, thoughtful and well–written response to my book! Wow. It really brought some memories back of you. I actually printed out your emails just to keep with my file on the book.

Well, I still think you have a book and a story to tell and you definitely have a nice hand at writing and narrative.

I struggled with this book and it took twice as long for me to get it done as it should have. I do thank you again for all your help, and I hope you’ll stay in touch. If there is ever anything I can do to help you in the way of writing, let me know. Take care, Priscilla Cummings

WOW, David, looks like you have some great Author Friends.

I hate to admit it but, I’ve not read your book yet. Can you tell me, and all our CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS just a bit about what we can expect when we read?

What is a Bibliography?

Yes, sure.  First, a bibliography, according to, is a complete or selective list of works compiled upon some common principle, as authorship, subject, or place of publication.  I thought that if I mentioned a book, I should give its information in the bibliography – or works cited list — that follows the text.  I included, author, title, place of publication, publisher, copyright year, and NLS ID number (for those books produced by the National Library Service.)  I also provided a webliography for websites mentioned in the book.

The book takes the reader through a year in my life.  The journey begins on November 16, 2013 and ends on November 15, 2014.  Along the way, readers have a front-row seat as I visit popular restaurants, attend several conventions, review books for Library Journal, ponder various questions, and enjoy family events.  Each chapter begins with a quote that will, I hope, be enlightening.  Each chapter ends with a brief mention of several books I have read that month and also a glimpse of the past as I select and curate blog postings from a blog I once kept.  This gives the book a bit more than a regular journal.

David, that’s incredible! I for one, cannot wait to read the book?

I hate to do it, but we’ve got to wrap-up for today, but I hope you’ll come back real soon, and let us know what might be in store next.

It’s been a great pleasure chatting with you today.

Thanks for stopping by, and blessid be.

Thanks, for having me. I do, hope your readers will let me know, when they read the book, what they think.

OK folks, well, you met him here first!

When he becomes famous from having hit the Amazon top ten list, you can tell all your friends, “I read about him, long ago on campbellsworld.” Until next time, this is Patty and Campbell saying…

Happy reading, and blessid be.






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