] 4 Tips For Housekeeping Your Blog And Improving Its SEO Rating

] 4 Tips For Housekeeping Your Blog And Improving Its SEO Rating

Here’s a grand post with tips for all you bloggers out there.

I should probably look into whether doing these things are accessible so I can do them and if not, finding someone who can.

Any blind bloggers out there ever do this using screen reader?

Check this post out and let me know.

The pics shared with this post did me no good.



  1. Thank you for linking to my recent post, Patty. I’m sorry the two images I included were of no help, but hope that the instructions I gave in the post were easy to follow. I always try and give the text i use far more attention than I do the images.

    1. Hi, you’re welcome for the share.
      Just a quick thought, adding alt text to a pic is very easy to do and takes little time.
      lots of print disabled and blind persons are bloggers and alt text is something we’re grateful for.

      1. I always add alt text to all my images. I did this after reading some comments from you on another blog post about how it helps disabled and blind bloggers. Did it not work on my post? If not, I’ll contact WordPress about it as there may be a bug they need to fix.

        1. HI again, Hugh.
          I’ve been talking to a couple people and it’s come to my attention that if one clicks the link of the post and reads online the descriptive text shows.
          It’s only when the post is read via email the descriptive text seems to disappear.
          Just info for you. no complaints.
          I am sorry I didn’t check the direct online source first.

          1. No worries, Patty. I wanted to ensure that everything was working as it should be. I always add Alt Text, as it also helps with SEO.

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