What a Slip

What a Slip

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What A Slip


Penny Fleckenstein

I review my calendar daily. The problem is, I don’t always write everything down. The older I get, the more I forget. I rely heavily on my calendar on my Braillenote. It’s hard to keep up with my life.

I called my friend Marilyn to ask her if she was coming over the next day. She sounded so tired, when she answered the phone. I said, “I guess you’re going to stay home tomorrow.”

“What?” She said in surprise. She must have forgotten.

“I guess you’re not coming to my house tomorrow. It sounds like you don’t feel well enough.”

“Yeah, my stomach’s been feeling bad this week. How about I come next week.”

My fingers perused the calendar, and I said, “yes, you can come on Thursday. I have nothing going on that day. It’s the fifth Thursday.”

We spoke of the current date being the fourth Thursday. I told her, “Nothing happens on the fourth thursday.”

Marilyn said, “That’s not true. Isn’t Lunch Bunch today?”

I was already to go out to lunch but not with the Lunch Bunch. I canceled the lunch date I had scheduled earlier that morning. What a slip!

Before attending the Yes I Can group which is part of the Pittsburgh Friendship Group, I would have beaten up myself. I would have called myself all kinds of unprintable names. That morning, I laughed it off and fully admitted  my mistake. I had a wonderful time at the Lunch Bunch with many friends from the Pittsburgh Friendship Group. My spirit felt lighter the rest of the day. ** Slip A Way

When things don’t go the way you plan
laugh it off, take it easy
no need to panic with your stomach so tight
for joy can still be in your plan
no need to feel queasy
cheerfully your burdens become light
wave “goodbye” to anxieties and others’ demands.
Take a different direction, your plans may have been measly.
feel unencumbered with your spirit bright.

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