This Week at Unity Church of the Tri-Cities

This Week at Unity Church of the Tri-Cities

Honesty is more than not lying.  It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving. – James E. Faust, American religious leader, lawyer, author, politician


This Week at Unity Church of the Tri-Cities

This Sunday, August 28th, Rev. Carolyn will speak on “Getting What You Give”.  This topic will be supported by our popular “rockin’ reverent” music. The service begins at 11am at Samadhi Healing Arts Center, 423 W. Walnut St., Johnson City.   The Lending Library will be open before and after the service.  Be sure to stay for coffee and conversation.


DISCOVER The Power Within UNLEASH Your Divine Potential

Held annually on the second Thursday in September, World Day of Prayer is a 24-hour Prayer Vigil celebrated on the campus at Unity Village and in Unity centers and churches around the world.

Each year World Day of Prayer starts with an opening ceremony on Wednesday evening on the grounds at Unity Village, followed by a candlelight walk to the Silent Unity Prayer Vigil Chapel.  For 24 hours a prayer vigil takes place in the chapel, where all prayer requests are held in prayer.

In addition, thousands of individuals around the world join from their communities, both in individual and group prayer.  Visit for more information.

The Quest: A Journey of Spiritual Rediscovery           by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

A major element of all quests is a journey.  From old legends like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table or the pursuit of the Holy Grail, to more contemporary adventure stories like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars,or your own, the main story line of every quest is a journey filled with experiences and challenges to be used as stepping-stones.

In ancient tales, these challenges were external hazards like treacherous terrains or wild animals or demons and dragons.  (Orpheus had to descend into hell.  Jonah was swallowed by a gigantic fish.  Hercules was sent to perform twelve superhuman feats.  Daniel was thrown into a den of lions.)

Today we no longer think in terms of dragons and demons in our outer world.  The threatening beasts to be conquered are deep in the recesses of our own minds.  They are our own fears, our worries, our perceived limitations.  Our biggest battles take place internally, within our souls.

It could be that you yourself are battling some fearsome challenge like financial lack or personal rejection. These demons rear their ugly heads, tempting you to revert to the old ways, to give up the quest.

Sometimes the journey seems littered with one major calamity after another.  But the hero or heroine prevails, overcomes all, and proceeds inexorably toward the prize.  And so will you!  Every dragon you now face, every obstacle in your path, every demon and ogre can be overcome.  You can do it, and as you do so, you will learn more about yourself, about life, about your fellow human beings, and about God.

It has probably occurred to you that not everyone is willing to give himself or herself so completely to a quest. Indeed most people are unaware that there is a quest with a prize to be won.  They prefer to cling to old familiar ways, even when the old ways no longer fit.  Daring to change is what distinguishes the hero or heroine from the rest of humanity.

Follow us weekly as we go exploring on The Quest. More hints along the path of spiritual rediscovery will be revealed each week.


We continue to add businesses to our website, advertising their services for FREE.  If yours isn’t one of them, be sure to email the church with the relevant information and it will be added to the “Unity Resources” page on our web site.

Annual Membership Meeting

The annual membership meeting of Unity Church of the Tri-Cities will be held on August 28th immediately following the service.  At this meeting, active members will elect new Board members and vote on Bylaw changes and other church business.  Appropriate written documentation has already been delivered to all eligible active voting members.  Unity Church of the Tri-Cities lovingly and gratefully acknowledges our current active voting members as those members who have formally joined the church at some point and who have also demonstrated their continued interest in the Church through ongoing regular attendance at Sundayservices and through regular financial support of the Church during the past two years.

Live.  Love.  Learn.      Church of the Daily Word.

Here for you.


P.O. Box 2161, Johnson City, TN 37605        

Rev. Carolyn Claiborne, Minister

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