aw-announcements Newswire: Tek Talk meeting of 11/16/20 at 8pm Eastern welcomes Michael Feir to discuss the topic: “My Guide Discussing the Advantages and Disadvantages for using an iPhone for blind persons.” #Tip #NewsNugget


If you’ve never attended TEK Talk, now’s the time.

There are multiple ways to join, so don’t let technology or the lack there of stop you.

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Accessible World has adopted a passcode for all its Zoom meetings and has turned off the waiting room. This passcode is the same for all of its meetings and is the three letters a w z without spaces. Those dialing in with a regular telephone will not be required to enter the passcode. The meeting ID for each Accessible World Zoom meeting remains unchanged. The new Pat Price Tek Talk Training Room Zoom meeting link follows and executing it from your computer or device running the Zoom Cloud Meetings app should take you right into the meeting with no further action required other than waiting for the host to start the meeting:

Special note: We are proud to announce that Tek Talk Programs can now be heard on ACB Mainstream. Please visit the schedule for our programs by going to Also we can now be listened to on your Echo Smart Device. Say “Echo, play Tek (spell Tek) Talk podcast on Tune-in.”

Major sections of this newswire are at heading level 1. Contact information is at heading level 2.

Tek Talk welcomes Michael Feir to discuss the topic: “My Guide Discussing the Advantages and Disadvantages for using an iPhone for blind persons.”

November 16, 2020


Michael Feir lives in Mississauga Ontario Canada with his wife Sara. He finds ways to use his talents for technology and writing to help people get the most out of their accessible technology. Past projects have included the Audyssey magazine which covered accessible games, a guide for owners of computers running Windows, and others. Having used an iPhone for a decade, he wrote and published Personal Power: The iOS Edition. This guide for blind owners of iOS devices is 250,000 words long and took three and a half years to write. Containing knowledge gained from personal experience, it encourages the pursuit of fun and one’s own personal interests as a means of mastering access technology. Michael will discuss his guide as well as some of the drawbacks and advantages of using an iPhone as a blind user. The guide is free on the Internet and available in numerous accessible formats including electronic Braille. It can be found at:


Michael can be contacted at: michael.feir

or on Twitter by following @mfeir

His blog is at:

Date: November 16, 2020

Time: 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern and throughout the world, Tuesday 01:00 GMT.

About 10 minutes before each program dial the Zoom numbers or work with your computer link found on your Zoom invitation.

Zoom invitation

Welcome to the Zoom platform:

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The Zoom meeting invitation for this Training Class is the following:

Hi there,

Robert Acosta and Larry Gassman are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Tek Talk welcomes Michael Feir to discuss the topic: “My Guide Discussing the Advantages and Disadvantages for Using an iPhone for Blind Persons.”

Time: Meets Monday, November 16, 2020, from 8-9 p.m. Eastern. If you have installed the Zoom client software on your computer, I would recommend your starting that software before executing the below link on your computer. If you have installed the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your smart device, I suggest you open that app before executing the below link on your smart device.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap:

+19292056099,,839935813# US (New York)

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Or Telephone:

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+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

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+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

Meeting ID: 839 935 813

Passcode: awz

International numbers available:

If you execute the above link from a computer with installed Zoom client software, the software should automatically launch and take you to the meeting. If you execute the above link from a smart device containing the Zoom Cloud Meetings app, the app should automatically launch ant take you to the meeting. If you prefer to use your iPhone as a regular phone without the app to call into the meeting, you can double tap on one of the above two numbers to initiate the call.

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Robert Acosta: Chair Emeritus and

Phone: 818-998-0044

Email: boacosta818


Larry Gassman: Accessible World Co-Chair

Phone: 714-449-1958

Email: larrygassman

Alan Lemly: Accessible World Co-Chair

Phone: 601-919-6907

Email: walemly

The Accessible World, a division of Helping Hands For The Blind, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, seeks to educate the general public, the disabled community and the professionals who serve them by providing highly relevant information about new products, services, and training opportunities designed specifically to eliminate geographic and access barriers that adversely affect them.

Robert Acosta

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