Inspirational Visions – Oracle Cards

Robbie's inspiration

Author and illustrator, Judy Mastrangelo, has created the most delightful set of oracle cards called Inspirational Visions. They come in a lovely box with a book to explain the meaning of each card.

I have only recently learned about Tarot Cards and their interpretations and the concept of oracle cards was totally new to me when I received this pack so I looked up the difference on the internet in case any of my readers are as inexperienced in this area as I am.

I found an article by Alexandra Svokos on which explained the difference like this:

“You may already know how tarot cards work — or at least, what they are.A tarot deckis a classic set of 78 cards that fall under the category of major or minor arcana. From there, the cards are divided into four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles)…

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