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Your freedom lies in the higher levels of consciousness, and the progression into these higher levels is infinite. There are no words to describe these experiences, to have the understanding, you must experience them. You must find truth within yourself, by moving through all the levels of your consciousness and beyond.

John-Roger, DSS.

Every morning, I look forward to reading the Loving Each Day messages. Though some don’t always resonate with me directly, there are times when they jump out at me in a big way. This morning’s message is one which does just that.

Earlier today, author and artist Lynda McKinney Lambert commented on my Morning Greetings and the Day Ahead post. She wrote of how she woke thinking about how writing poetry is like planting in a garden. She also wrote that this was a gift to her from God.

Now, some of you are maybe wondering, what does that have to do with today’s message?

Well, it has everything to do with it. If Lynda hadn’t developed a higher level of consciousness she wouldn’t be able to receive such spiritual gifts. Therefor she wouldn’t have inspiration. She wouldn’t be the author of beautiful poetry and essays, she wouldn’t be an artist, and this would hinder her life thus taking her freedom.

Time and again, I’m reminded that we’re given every single thing we need to thrive in our lives. All we must do is use that which we’re given.

We all have talents which we can if we choose turn into those things that will enrich our lives spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially.

As many who know me know, I’m fond of saying, “there’s no wrong way, no right way. Only a way.”

It is up to us to develop a higher level of consciousness so that we may become aware of what is blooming alongside the pathway of life just waiting for us to cultivate it for our use.

To do this day…

Sit down and write out three talents you have. Then write down all the ways you might use them to improve your life.

If you like, you may share what you discover here in the comment section of this post.

Not comfortable commenting here?

Drop me a note.

Happy Creating, may Harmony find you, and Blessid Be.

~ Tell-it-to-the-World ~

Sponsor: Lynda McKinney Lambert



by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Now in paperback ($9.50) and e-book ($2.99) from Amazon, Smashwords, and other online sellers.

Details, cover image, buying links, and free text preview: https://www.dldbooks.com/lyndalambert/

About the book:

Lynda Lambert covers a wide terrain of subjects and topics in this new book, from lights to legends to seasons, treating us to images and metaphors about plants, people and weather. She opens this large collection with the title poem, Star Signs, which walks us through the alphabet as it digs through thoughts, emotions and observations, “Using star signs to map out new terrain.”

Throughout this book of poems, these gems of poetic creation shimmer like beads on her fabric art, like bold brush strokes of color on her paintings, and reflect light like the gemstones on her prize–winning piece of mixed–media fiber artwork. It seems this entire collection is like a multifaceted mural.

Her attentiveness to nature and strong reflections from memory have woven from a collage of remnants a beautiful tapestry for us. It offers a wonderful feast for the eyes and the mind.

—Wesley D. Sims, author of Taste of Change

This is the author’s third book of poetry.

Cover photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

Cover design, editing, layout, and e-book conversion by DLD Books

Description of the cover image of Star Signs:

The late evening photo shows several delicate, bare trees in silhouette, leaning slightly to the right, against a violet-colored sky. There is a faint streak of pinkish light to the right of the trees, low on the horizon. Thousands of stars are visible in the sky. The solid black landscape below the trees appears to be the shore of a darkened lake, which is in the foreground. A few stars are reflected in the water. The overall impression is one of stillness and beauty. The predominant colors are black and violet, along with white pinpoints of starlight. The title and subtitle are in white at the top of the cover, and the author’s name is in white at the bottom.

Photo description by Leonore Dvorkin, Editor


Walking by Inner Vision:

Stories & Poems

By Lynda McKinney Lambert


Read by Lily Rowe

Take a journey through the seasons of a year

from January through December.

With award-winning Pennsylvania Author and Artist

Lynda McKinney Lambert

In 2019 Lynda received the prestigious

Albert Nelson Marquis Award for Lifetime Achievement

In the fields of Artist & Author

This award is given by the Marquis Who’s Who Publications Board

To honor Biographees who have achieved career longevity.

Lynda is a retired Professor of Fine Arts & Humanities, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA

Her first book, Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage, was published in 2002, She wrote the book from her travel journal entries, as she taught a course in Europe each summer. From this first published book, the theme of “life as a sacred pilgrimage,” This theme endures in all of her subsequent writings.

In her 2nd book, Lynda continues to take readers on the road with her as she travels through a life pilgrimage from her earliest memories to her present septegenerian years as a well-known artist, author, educator.

Lynda retired in 2008, after sudden sight loss due to Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. During her recovery and rehabilitation process, she began to write stories & poems for her new blog, Walking by Inner Vision.

In the beginning, her blog was her way of communicating with the world again after sight loss.

Lynda became aware that she was now living in a world of inner vision.

She did not realize at the time that this blog was the beginning step towards the book now available on Audible.

Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems

A personal, private, and spiritual walk through the seasons

27 non-fiction stories and memoirs.

16 poems

Contact the Author for a FREE PROMOTIONAL COPY

If you would like to listen to Lynda’s book and write a review for Amazon, contact her for the PROMOTIONAL CODE to get your free copy.


E-mail the author to get the access code: riverroad


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