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  • Where your pet matters 
    Serving the Tri-Cities area for nearly 50 years

Welcome To Colonial Heights Animal Hospital

At Colonial Heights Animal Hospital, we are committed to owner satisfaction by offering high quality, personalized veterinary care. The goal of the staff of Colonial Heights Animal Hospital is to advance the health of the pet through owner education, preventative care, and a progressive, compassionate approach for both pet and owner.

Colonial Heights Animal Hospital was founded in 1972. We currently have twelve employees. We pride ourselves in striving to promote in-depth diagnostic care for our patients and utilizing the advice of consultants in medicine, ophthalmology, radiography, and surgery via telephone consultations and telemedicine. We place a great deal of emphasis on client service and education about our pets’ needs. Preventative medicine and dentistry are stressed at our clinic.

Our office is conveniently located just off Fort Henry Drive in Colonial Heights. Go to the intersection of Fort Henry Drive and Colonial Heights/Lebanon Road. Turn on Colonial Heights Road (toward Warriors Path Park), the hospital is located on the Right about 1/10 of a mile.

For more details and photos visit:






“So Sarah?” the teacher asked, in a question I had rehearsed with her, “what’s it like to have a blind mom?”
“Well,” my little girl said, in an unrehearsed answer, “it’s like a regular mom, except Daddy won’t let her drive his car.”
With that nonchalant reply in front of her second-grade class, Sarah summed up the way my blindness has fit into the fabric of our family. It isn’t a problem; it isn’t even a novelty; it’s just part of how we roll. My blindness has changed a few practical logistics. But in the end, kids are kids and moms are moms, and the dents and delights of parenthood are universal. As I told my daughter when she was very small, putting an only slightly different spin on the words my mom had said to me thirty years before, “The eyes in my face are broken, but the ones in the back of my head work just fine.”


Daddy won't let mom drive the car cover art (small for email)The title, “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car” appears at the top, and “True Tales of Parenting in the Dark” and the author and illustrator names “Jo Elizabeth Pinto” and “N. Page” are written in the cement squares of the driveway. The family car is backing out of the driveway. Dad is standing by, looking half amused and half distressed. A cat is on the other side of the car, with an arched back and a puffy tail. Under one tire, some daisies are squashed and others are flying. The license plate says, “Blind101” and a bumper sticker says, “Mom Power.”


E. Pinto is a magnet for underdogs! Early in her married life, her home became a hangout for troubled neighborhood kids. This experience lit the flame for her first novel, The Bright Side of Darkness.

Pinto’s Spanish-American roots grow deep in the Rocky Mountains, dating back six generations. J. E. Pinto lives with her family in Colorado where she works as a writer and also proofreads textbooks and audiobooks. One of her favorite pastimes is taking a nature walk with her service dog.

The Bright Side of Darkness won a first-place Indie Book Award for “First Novel over Eighty Thousand Words,” as well as First Place for “Inspirational Fiction.” The novel also won several awards from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association: First Place for “Inspirational Fiction,” Second Place for “Audio Book,” and First Place for “Literary and Contemporary Fiction.”

For more details and to purchase Jo’s work visit:


Rebekah’s Refuge, (available in paperback and Kindle editions).

Enter a world where your hair has healing powers.  Savor the growing friendship between a lost daughter and a grieving mother.  When you read Rebekah’s Refuge, you will find a story that explores difficult but compelling themes: themes of terminal illness, isolation and desperation.  Yet you will also find a story of hope; a story where healing music can be found in the midst of silence.  Rebekah’s Refuge is a tale loosely based upon the fairy tale of “Rapunzel,” but it is also a unique tale of spiritual truth.

Meredith Leigh Burton is a voracious devourer of fairy tale retellings.  She graduated from the Tennessee School for the Blind and Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelors Degree in English and theater. She is also a motivational speaker.

Other Work by Meredith:

Blind Beauty and Other Tales of Redemption, (available in paperback, Kindle, Braille and audio editions).

The Princess and the Invisible Apple Tree, (available in paperback and Kindle editions).

You can find more information about Meredith by visiting her at


If you or someone you know prefers a print calendar, but have yet to find one that works well, you must check out this one.  You’ve never seen one like it.  That’s because a person with low vision designed it and It’s made in the USA. 

The features that people love about it include:

  • All the printing on the calendar is in black and the numbers and letters are ten times larger than newsprint.
  • Each uncluttered, daily cell is nearly the size of two, 3 x 5 cards the maximum possible space in which to write big, and
  • The edge of each daily page is bordered with a thick black line. No more writing off the edge of the paper.
  • It can be shipped via Free Matter to those eligible. .

Learn all about the totally unique, 8.5” x 11” EZ2See® Weekly Planner/Calendar at,

Don’t shop online?  That is no problem. Send an email to to get all your questions answered and learn how to purchase it by sending a check.

*** Ask about the new Specialty Sticky Notepads when you place your order.


Author Assist Program

At Plaisted Publishing we have an Author Assist program to help new Independent Authors with their manuscripts and making them professional for publications. We contract out to top-notch Editors, Book Cover Designers and we produce the Formatting In House.

We also offer services for Social Media – Facebook, Twitter 

We tutor new authors on how to use distribution websites like Draft to Digital, Lulu and KDP. We have noted some Authors like to learn the ropes of Formatting, and we are happy to teach you a few tricks of the trade.

Three Anthologies are produced each year to assist authors to market each other’s work. The eBooks are free to download unless they are raising funds for charity. Each author pays $10 to submit a manuscript of no more than 7k words.

You can find out more about our services HERE or email us at


Plaisted Publishing House is named after the family of whom the owner is a part. Their logo shows a regency street lamp with the company’s name on it.  This idea reflects on their family history and a Streetlamp saying Plaisted Wine House – which still stands today outside the pub they owned in London.

The company started in May 2014 and became a Limited Company on August 1st, 2014. They will be celebrating their 5th Birthday this year. Plaisted Publishing House is based in New Zealand and generally works online with clients from across the world.

Untitled design




by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Now in paperback! ($9.50) and e-book ($2.99) from Amazon, Smashwords, and other online sellers.

About the book:

Lynda Lambert covers a wide terrain of subjects and topics in this new book, from lights to legends to seasons, treating us to images and metaphors about plants, people and weather. She opens this large collection with the title poem, Star Signs, which walks us through the alphabet as it digs through thoughts, emotions and observations, “Using star signs to map out new terrain.”

Throughout this book of poems, these gems of poetic creation shimmer like beads on her fabric art, like bold brushstrokes of color on her paintings, and reflect light like the gemstones on her prize-winning piece of mixed–media fiber artwork. It seems this entire collection is like a multifaceted mural.

Her attentiveness to nature and strong reflections from memory have woven from a collage of remnants a beautiful tapestry for us. It offers a wonderful feast for the eyes and the mind.

Wesley D. Sims, author of Taste of Change wrote the above forward to Star Signs.

This is Lynda’s third book of poetry. Cover photo by James Wheeler from Pexels
Cover design, editing, layout, and e-book conversion by DLD Books

Description of the cover image of Star Signs:

Star Signs FRONT coverThe late evening photo shows several delicate, bare trees in silhouette, leaning slightly to the right, against a violet-colored sky. There is a faint streak of pinkish light to the right of the trees, low on the horizon. Thousands of stars are visible in the sky. The solid black landscape below the trees appears to be the shore of a darkened lake, which is in the foreground. A few stars are reflected in the water. The overall impression is one of stillness and beauty. The predominant colors are black and violet, along with white pinpoints of starlight. The title and subtitle are in white at the top of the cover, and the author’s name is in white at the bottom.

Also by Lynda:

Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage
A Collection of Poems & Non-Fiction Stories

Available now from the Author – or through Amazon.

For more details and to buy Lynda’s work:



Alone in a strange country and a bit cynical, 14-year-old refugees Baggy and Abigail are rounded up with other refugee kids. Taken to Transition House at the Plumkettle Learning Center, they await guardians. Photographer Baggy moves to the mountains with the secretive Captain Sodpeg. Abigail, who is losing her sight, gets a guide dog and is invited to live in the carriage house behind Mrs. Plumkettle’s on Old Applebutter Hill Rd.

Join Baggy, Abigail and Curly Connor as they fly the Cloud Scooper, sneak around Bar Gundoom Castle and row across an underground lake. Their lives change when they uncover a secret. The powerful and dangerous Heartstone of Arden-Goth, a heart-shaped sapphire, is hidden in Applebutter Hill, and corporate giants place a spy at their school to steal it. They are determined to unmask the spy, but can they trust anyone?

Summer school is mandatory. The friends have two classes together – Survival 101 with everybody’s favorite teacher Luther Kohl and Writers’ Roundtable with the dreaded Professor Thornhammer. All Plumkettle students study driving, including the blind ones.

With access to the off-limits dark room, the state-of-the-art auto center and carpentry workshop, Baggy is in his glory. Abigail, a budding songwriter, is enlisted to write music for the children’s summer puppet theater. What she really wants, though, is to be an apprentice on the newspaper staff. Prejudice, however, is standing in her way.

As summer heats up, their troubled friend Christopher is viciously bullied. Abigail and Baggy are terrorized by an armed stranger and jealousy over pottery-contest winners gets out of hand. The friends argue about the spy’s identity, but both think it’s a teacher. When a desperate Christopher arrives at the carriage house one night with the school cat, the mysteries begin to unravel. In the end, though, it may just be Abby’s guide dog Curly Connor who makes the most significant discovery of all.


Donna W. Hill is an author, singer-songwriter, recording artist, speaker and avid knitter. She and her husband Rich live among the frogs and birds in Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains with Donna’s guide dog Mo (their 3-year-old yellow Lab) and Goofus, their rescued strawberry blonde tabby.

For more details and to buy Donna’s work visit:

Runs of Life

by Ernest Dempsey

Author, editor, and blogger Ernest Dempsey’s new collection of poems has been published in a chapbook titled Runs of Life. Published by the Loving Healing Press of Ann Arbor, MI, this collection has themed poems coming mainly from personal memories of running—out of simple play and childhood fun time, at times for safety, or even in dreams.

Elizabeth Knight, Writing and Literature Instructor, Portland Community College, reviews Dempsey’s poems as:

“Ernest Dempsey’s dear little book on running is full of surprises. His earnestness about running both delights and transforms into potent metaphor…. just not the ones you might expect. This is a sweet and generous heart… one that runs into darkness and manages to bring back joy.”

You can order your copy of Runs of Life from Barnes & Noble at


Both books listed below are in e-mail and print formats on Amazon and multiple other selling sites. The e-books are text-to-speech enabled.

Details, cover images, buying links, and more are on the author’s website:


A Tracy Gayle Mystery / C 2018

America’s favorite rock band, Tidalwave, is playing the Miss America pageant. Band leader Danny Tide is emceeing the event. All is going according to schedule. The judges have picked the 10 semi-finalists. Suddenly, everything comes to a halt. Miss New Jersey is missing. Nobody knows what happened to her or where she is.

Danny calls his longtime PI friend, Tracy Gayle, and asks her to come down to Atlantic City to help figure things out. In need of her best friend for personal support and eager to get to another case, Tracy agrees.

There’s an all-out search of the hotels on the boardwalk. They find Miss New Jersey, but it’s not good. Her kidnapping leads to another assault and murder. The big star and the lady PI work together on this one, so that the Miss America pageant can continue as usual.

The plot includes two assaults, two murders, and a sizzling romance between the main characters, Tracy and Danny.


A Tracy Gayle Mystery / C 2019

Hubschman Ratings Game EBook CoverThe Danny Tide story continues.

Somebody’s trying to kill the rock star’s second wife, talk show hostess Blair Nelson. Danny and Tracy, now a couple expecting a baby, get pulled into it because Danny finally agrees to do an interview with his ex-wife. She’s been bugging him for a while.

That evening, after a draining day at Blair’s studio, when Danny and Tracy are home in bed, Danny’s phone goes off. It’s his and Blair’s daughter, Liz, announcing that she found her mother unconscious on her bathroom floor. Blair ingested a drug overdose.

Who would want to eliminate the talk show queen, and why? Could the perpetrator be Blair’s housekeeper? Her personal assistant? The owner of the television station? The show’s producer? Even Danny and Liz are on the suspect list.

Everyone had the opportunity but no one has a motive. They’re all devoted to Blair. They need Blair to wake up and give them some answers.


Trish Hubschman has published three books with America Star Books: a short story collection of time travel and romance stories called Through Time and the first two books in the Tracy Gayle/Danny Tide series: The Fire and Unlucky Break. Trish attended college at Long Island University’s Southampton campus, earning a BA degree in English with an emphasis in writing. She lives with her husband and two dogs.



Web Friendly Help

Helping you Tame Your Access Technology

WebFriendlyHelp Logo with slogan
Casey Mathews is the founder of WEBFRIENDLYHELP a company designed to help people get the most out of their technology. He has worked in the Access Technology field since the mid-1990s. He holds an MCP certification (Microsoft Certified Professional) as well as a BS in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. He has also received the Florida Division of Blind Services Access Technology endorsement. Casey has worked at Lighthouse Central Florida since 2007 where he has introduced new software and training/support ideas from Serotek, the NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) screen reader, and of course apple iDevices. Casey was also instrumental in the founding of a Guide Dogs for the Blind technology chapter in 2011.

He enjoys testing new technology and software and is highly committed to remaining informed of new developments in technology.

He can provide the following services…

  • New PC/iPhone setup…
  • Clean and/or tune-up your PC…
  • Instructional Training and more…


  • $30.00 Per Month
  • $80.00 Per Quarter
  • $300.00 Per Year…

For more details and to contact Casey visit his Website:

Heidi Lambert McClure Sassafras Hill Studio

Are you looking for that special birthday or holiday gift? Need a specific kind of greeting card? Love the feel of homemade soap? If you love handmade jewelry, candles, greeting cards, and more this ad is for you. O.K. Get your shopping mojo on, cause here…we…go…!

Cyber Monday 24 hour jewelry sale.
From midnight to midnight all jewelry will be 50% off.

12-1 thru 12-7
All soap and lotion balms in stock will be 50% off.

12-8 thru 12-14
All jar candles, votive candles, tea lights and melts will be 50% off.


Please go to our Website with full business details and contact information:

Denver, Colorado

David and Leonore Dvorkin work on projects of all lengths, from stories and essays to books as long as 500 pages or more. Since 2009, they have edited over 75 books (fiction and nonfiction) for over 45 clients. Their aim is to offer excellent, comprehensive services at affordable prices. The large majority of their clients are blind or visually impaired. Those clients and some others receive a 20% discount.

Their services include thorough editing, formatting, uploading the print and e-book editions to Amazon and Smashwords, and much more.

All the books produced by DLD Books are sold worldwide in print and e-book by multiple online booksellers. The e-books are text-to-speech enabled. While this means that a separate audio version of the book is not necessary, the Dvorkins can put the author in contact with two professional audiobook narrators, a man and a woman, who offer generous discounts to clients of DLD Books. The recorded books are then sold on Audible, a branch of Amazon.

David and Leonore are currently accepting new editing projects for 2020. They request that you kindly read the information on the DLD Books website before contacting them.



Folklore, History, Planting Care, and Good Eating
by Anne Copeland (C 2019)

In paperback ($12.00) and e-book ($4.99) from Amazon.

252 pages in print. The e-book is text-to-speech enabled.

Book Cover Copeland Pumpkin CookbookSynopsis:

I guess I have always had a special affinity for pumpkins. Pumpkin season has always been more than a time to don masks, carve jack-o’-lanterns, and put out treats for tricksters. It is a season that in my mind lasts long beyond the last pumpkin pie of Thanksgiving.

Each year as my pumpkin season has come to an end, I have found myself seeking special recipes and other interesting information about these wonderful fruits. My quest to find these recipes has taken me through many an adventure, and I have made many friends along the way.

I am happy to share my joy of pumpkins with you here.

Four Christmas–Themed Books for You and the Young Ones in Your Life

Ad by Leonore Dvorkin, Editor, DLD Books Editing and Self–Publishing Services

Here are four delightful, imaginative books of varying lengths, sure to bring holiday joy to both children and adults. Just click on any of the provided website URLs for full information and buying links. All books are in e-book and print from Amazon and other online sellers. The e-books are inexpensive and are text–to–speech enabled. Free text samples are on the authors’ websites.

The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season, C 2016, by Alice Jane-Marie Massa.

A heartwarming collection of holiday memoirs, short stories, and poetry. Includes photos of her beloved guide dogs. The website also has information on the beautiful cover photo of a Christmas carriage and the black horse pulling it. Details:

The Misadventures of Mistletoe Mouse, by Susan Bourrie, C 2016.

Enjoy the lively adventures and misadventures of Mistletoe Mouse and his friends Molly Dolly and an express reindeer, as they work to make terrible Christmases terrific, tackling every challenge with energy and imagination. This is a traditional and wholesome tale that is sure to please children of all ages. Older children will delight in reading it to younger ones.


It’s Still Christmas, by John Justice, C 2015 / Only $1.99 in e-book format.

Once getting by financially, the Gleasons have become homeless and close to hopeless. With Christmas drawing near, their lives are about to undergo a drastic change. The lifesaving aid they give to a stranger, an elderly Jewish widower, is soon repaid in ways they could never have imagined. Enjoy this touching story of mingled hearts, faiths, and trust.

For details of this and John’s other four books, see: 

Christmas on Valley View Farm, by Brian Nash, C 2010

This third book in the wonderful Valley View Farm series, suitable for children 9 to 12, has everything a young reader could desire. Christmas is coming, and young Daniel Riggs is dreaming of what might be in store. But a kidnapper has plans for Daniel’s feline friend Midnight. Helped by the talkative farm animals, Daniel faces a bloodthirsty panther, rides a thrilling ghost train, and then revels in holiday magic.

For details of this and Brian’s other five books, see:



Support Indy authors with Ann Chiappetta and give a book bundle as a gift.

Annie ChiappettaAnn is a versatile poet and author whose writing demonstrates her ability to express the emotion and vitality of life in both her poetry and prose

Ann’s latest nonfiction book, WORDS OF LIFE: POEMS AND ESSAYS C 2019 is a collection of over 40 poems and essays about nature, animals, relationships, and loss, all written with an expressive and versatile style.

For the dog lovers on your holiday list, why not order FOLLOW YOUR DOG A STORY OF LOVE AND TRUST C 2017 by Ann Chiappetta? The memoir is a compelling story told by the author and her life growing up visually impaired and learning how to share her life with a guide dog. Readers will also appreciate    Chiappetta’s heartfelt vignettes from her life experiences with her family as they learn how to cope with her disability.

Ann’s first book, a slim volume of  23 poems, UPWELLING: POEMS C 2016, is also her first book to be offered as a commercial audiobook on Audible.

Ann Chiappetta, making meaningful connections with others through writing.


Selections from Across Two Novembers: A Bibliographic Year

Nonfiction / Memoir

by David L. Faucheux / C 2019

Cover image, free text preview, buying links, and more are at:

In print ($12.95) and e-book ($3.99) from Amazon and Smashwords.  264 pages in print. The e-book is text-to-speech enabled. In audio from Audible in early 2020, narrated by Adam Barr.

Note: This is the abridgement of the author’s longer 2017 book. The title of that is Across Two Novembers: A Year in the Life of a Blind Bibliophile. That book has multiple 5-star reviews on Amazon, many of them from other authors.

About the Book

Friends and family. Restaurants and recipes. Hobbies and history. TV programs the author loved when he could still see and music he enjoys. The schools he attended and the two degrees he attained. The career that eluded him and the physical problems that challenge him. And books, books, books: scores of them quoted from or reviewed. All in all, an astonishing work of erudition and remembrance.

About this Edition

A masterful abridgement of 2017 edition Across Two Novembers, this book preserves the erudition, poignancy, and occasional quirkiness of the original. It cuts out the lengthy bibliography and some of the daily journal entries, but one is never left wondering what might be missing when a day is skipped. Mentions and fine reviews of dozens of books share the stage with more personal details.       

From a Reviewer

“Thank you, David Faucheux, for your spirit and tenacity, your lovely writing, and this inspiring journal.”

— Priscilla Cummings, author of 23 young adult novels

Description of the Cover

Pictured are several wooden shelves inside what is obviously a well-kept bookshop. About 75 hardcover books, most with bindings in rich shades of red, orange, and red-brown, stand upright in neat rows against a black background. Here and there are a few spaces where books have been removed. This photo was chosen to symbolize the “Selections” of the title. The top and bottom cover bands are a warm beige. Above the photo, the title and subtitle are in black and deep red-brown, to echo the colors of the shelves. Below the photo, the author’s name is in black.     

About the Author

David L. Faucheux lives in Lafayette, Louisiana.
He was named Audiobook Reviewer of the Year for 2018 by Library Journal.

From Mishaps to Mission

by Jena Fellers / C 2019

In e-book ($1.50) and print ($6.50) from Amazon and other online sellers.
The book has over a dozen 5-star reviews on Amazon. The e-book is text-to-speech enabled.

Details, cover image, buying links, and more:

About the book:

Have you ever been excited about something, only to have it all fall apart? Do you wish you could go back in time to avoid misery? Steve Fellers understands. When he set off on a long bus ride to go pick up a gift car in another state, what was supposed to be a blessing turned into exhausting delays, crimes, sirens, and accidents. While others might have given up, Steve discovered at the end of it all that blessings can be found even in the midst of pain and sacrifice. In this modern-day memoir, discover how several grim mishaps culminated in a glorious mission.

Mishaps to Mission Jena Fellers CoverDescription of the cover:

The cover shows four photos of equal size, two on top and two just below them. They show a car crash, a fire, a man being wheeled away on a gurney, and a man kneeling in prayer on a beach. The four photos are separated by a large, gold-brown cross. Below the images, on a light brown background, are the title of the book in dark blue letters and the author’s name below that in white letters.

About the Author:

Jena Fellers walks by faith, not by sight. After losing her vision due to retinitis pigmentosa, she married Steve Fellers. They have three children and four grandchildren. In Baxter Springs, Kansas, Steve and Jena have pastored Trinity Worship Center since 1998. In 2009, they co–founded Word in Action Ministries, a program that rebuilds lives through feeding and other services. Jena’s passion is to educate and encourage others to follow Christ a little closer. She blogs and writes regularly for numerous publications. She plans more books for the future.



Editing, print layout, e-book conversion, and cover design for this book are by DLD Books Editing and Self-Publishing Services

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11:

 When We Landed on the Moon: A Memoir

by David Dvorkin

In e-book ($2.50) and paperback ($8.50) from Amazon and multiple other online sellers.
Details, cover, buying links, and free text preview:


In September 1967, I started working at NASA in Houston, at what was then called the Manned Spacecraft Center. I worked on five of the Apollo missions, including Apollo 11. In November 1971, I left NASA and moved to Denver to work on the Viking Mars lander project at Martin Marietta Corporation.

By the time I left NASA, Apollo was winding down. Manned spaceflight beyond Earth orbit was dying. There would be no lunar bases or missions to Mars. In a mere four years, the future had died. Fifty years later, I still can’t shake the sadness.

Of course, the “We” in the title of this book is not literal. Only the handful of men who have actually been on the moon can talk about “when we landed on the moon” and mean it literally. I’m using “we” in a general sense, to refer to all of the 400,000 people who worked on the Apollo Project, to all of America, and to the entire human race.

As the plaque on the side of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module descent stage, which still stands on the moon’s Sea of Tranquility, proclaims: “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon, July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.”

This is the story of my part in Apollo.

Moon Book EBook CoverOn the Cover

The top photo shows the ascent stage of the lunar module as it rose from the moon to rendezvous with the command module so the astronauts could return to Earth. This was the part of the mission that I worked on. The bottom photo shows some of the people in the control room and their monitors at the moment that the lunar module touched down on the lunar surface during Apollo 11.   

About the Author

David Dvorkin worked for more than 40 years in aerospace, as a computer programmer, and as a technical writer. He is the author of 29 published books, both fiction and nonfiction, including three Star Trek novels. He estimates that over 800,000 copies of his books have been sold since the late 1970s. A complete list of his books and their categories appears at the front of When We Landed on the Moon, and details of all his books are on his website.

Another Chance at Life: A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey

by Leonore H. Dvorkin

Third edition C 2012 / 154 pages in print. In e-book ($3.99) and print ($9.95) from Amazon and other online sellers.  

The second edition (C 2009) is also in audio from Audible.

About the book:

In 1998, at age 52, I had breast cancer and a left-side mastectomy, with no reconstruction. 

After the operation, I became aware that there were unexpected benefits to be reaped from this experience, benefits which ended up changing my life and many of my attitudes. Eventually, I decided to write a book detailing those many benefits and my thoughts on a variety of topics related to health, health care, self-image, and the value of courage and optimism in the face of adversity.

Surviving breast cancer left me a happier, calmer, more focused, and more appreciative person. Now my principal message to other women is that breast cancer does not have to be an entirely negative, terror-inducing experience. On the contrary, it can leave them better off than they were before, both physically and emotionally. I know, because it happened to me. My book is primarily the story of that physical and emotional journey.

The five appendices offer practical information on risk factors for breast cancer, ways to help prevent it, and more.

Cover image, review quotes, text selections, more:

Selected review quotes:

“Beautiful, moving, informative, uplifting.” – Lee Christopher, retired English professor and author

“A terrific read…well-written, frank, and honest. This book’s many hard-won truths make it truly special and inspiring.” – Nina Romberg, author

“An uplifting and powerful story with a very attractive message.” – Vivian Manning, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

“Leonore Dvorkin writes with refreshing simplicity and lack of woe. The book reads like a novel, so engaging is her style. She ends her story with a gentle, reflective chapter of great wisdom called ‘Aging, Accepting, and Appreciating.’ This book is the epitome of healing after trauma.” – Patricia Wellingham-Jones in Recovering the Self magazine

Breast Cancer Book CoverDescription of the cover by the author:

I took this photo in northwestern Germany in the summer of 1988. It shows a straight woodland path, with sunlight filtering through the dark, slender trees on either side of the path. At the far end of the path is a much brighter spot of sunshine. I see it as the perfect symbol of my physical and emotional journey through and after cancer. The top and bottom cover bands have dark green and black lettering against beige backgrounds; the colors echo the woodland scene.

Other books by Leonore Dvorkin:

Her breast cancer book in Spanish, also in e-book and print, C 2012

Una nueva oportunidad a la vida: El camino de una sobreviviente de cáncer de seno.
Translated by Gloria H. López. 

Apart from You, a novel. Revised edition, C 2010

Review quote: “A brilliant first novel, thoroughly evolved and gorgeously executed.”
 – Alan Rodgers, author of Fire and Night

The Glass Family, a one-act fantasy play, C 2012


My Ideal Partner:
How I Met, Married, and Cared for the Man
I Loved Despite Debilitating Odds

Copyright 2017 by Abbie Johnson Taylor

In September of 2005, Abbie Johnson married Bill Taylor. She was in her mid-forties, and he was nineteen years older. Three months later, Bill suffered the first of two strokes that paralyzed his left side and confined him to a wheelchair. Abbie Johnson Taylor, once a registered music therapist, uses prose and poetry to tell the story of how she met and married her husband, then cared for him for six years despite her visual impairment. At first, there was a glimmer of hope that Bill would walk again, but when therapists gave up on him seven months after his second stroke, Taylor resigned herself to being a permanent family caregiver.

She discusses learning to dress him and transfer him from one place to another, sitting up with him at night when he couldn’t urinate or move his bowels, and dealing with doctors and bureaucrats to obtain necessary equipment and services. There were happy times like when she played the piano or guitar and sang his favorite songs, or when they went out to eat or to a concert. She also explains how she purchased a wheelchair accessible van and found people to drive it so they wouldn’t always depend on the local para-transit service’s limited hours. In the end, she describes the painful decision she and Bill made to move him to a nursing home when he became too weak for her to care for him in September of 2012. He seemed to give up on life and passed away a month later.


Abbie Johnson Taylor is the author of two novels, two poetry collections, and a memoir. She’s working on another novel. Her work has appeared in The Weekly Avocet, Magnets and Ladders, and other publications. She’s visually impaired and lives in Sheridan, Wyoming. When not writing, she takes water exercise classes at the YMCA and performs, alone and with a women’s choral group.




One With Willows

By: Joan Myles

OOW Cover FRONT 1One with Willows is a collection of spiritually playful poems which invites you to step out of the everyday world, to catch your breath, even to catch a glimpse of what really is.  There is magic in light that turns hummingbirds into rubies. Wonder and delight wait for you in a garden, bid you to sit beside a young child at the piano, and may even lead you to stumble upon holiness where you least expect to find it.

You will want One with Willows on your bookshelf when you need a friendly reminder that things can get better. It will sit with you on the edge of the bed when you are weary, and revive your sense of hope when you need a boost.


Joan Myles has always been a child of wonder as well as a spiritual seeker. When she lost her sight at the age of 12, these qualities and writing poetry saved her from despair. And what’s more, once blind, her spiritual seeking took on a deeper, richer dimension. No longer was Divinity somewhere out there, hovering just out of reach. She felt God to be with her, a whisper away, a breath, a sigh, a longing inside her, an expression of wonder and delight and most emphatically, Love.

Joan earned a BA in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Jewish Studies, and spent 15 years teaching Hebrew and Judaics to third through 6th graders. During that time, she also founded Yismehu, a non-profit organization which provided free Jewish learning to blind students nationwide via distance learning, and served as both textbook developer and instructor for 7 years.

Joan and her husband raised four children together. They currently live in Oregon, where she continues to delight in the wonders of Life Divine, and in the magic of words.

Connect with Joan and buy her book online at the following link:

First Snow

by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Coming January 2020



My grandmother knew the name of every bird by note and call whoever sang to the sun in the fields by her Wisconsin country home, and she knew the names of the trees by bark and needle and leaf in the woods.  In these days of urban desolation and digital isolation, it is harder and harder to keep hold of the once-common natural knowledge.  Here in Lynda Lambert’s poetry, the vitality of the seasons are still felt, seen and heard.  Lambert notices the colors and sounds that surround us, those sights and odes that barely register through our buds and pads and windshields, and she names them for us and she remembers them for us.  In these poems, Lambert calls her readers to celebrate the blue spruce in the morning fog, to “stand in darkness / urging Blood Moon-arise and to be alive in the old ways.  “It feels like we have been here,” she says of one icy morning, “for a thousand years.”  In these pages, we have.

Russell Streur, editor Plum Tree Tavern, author Fault Zones.



Voices of Yesterday

by M E Hembroff


In part one Kate is confused and overwhelmed about her parents’ divorce. Her teacher gives the class an assignment to research and write about a historical event, person or place in Riverdale. Kate chooses the Franklin Manor where she lives with her Mom. Her classmate Rose finds information about a fire that left Kate’s Gran an orphan. Kate sets this information aside until she has completed her assignment. As Kate continues her research, she finds her Great Aunt Rebecca’s journal. She stumbles across a link between the Franklin’s and her family. What is that link? How does it affect Kate?

In part two Kate and her mom spend the summer at her Gran’s farm. Kate helps her Mom sort through the items hoarded over the years. She finds old journals written by her Great, Great Grandmother. Old treasures turn up in unexpected locations. A rift has developed between Kate and her dad. She doesn’t accept that he has a girlfriend who he intends to marry. Will Kate find all the family secrets? Will she resolve her issues with her dad?


Marjorie was imaginative since early childhood. She grew up on a farm, before television, where there was lots of scope for imagination. Marjorie did art and writing assignments in school. After she had married and moved to Alberta Marjorie took art and writing classes, some by correspondence.  Marjorie joined an art club and took part in their shows. At that time she started to have strange dreams. In these dreams, she held a book with blank pages and no cover. In other dreams, there was a series of books with no covers. Marjorie told one of the art group members about the dreams. That artist had learned to interpret dreams. She told Marjorie she was supposed to write the stories and draw the pictures for the covers. Shortly after that Tiny in Gramma Mouse Tells a Story was born. It wasn’t long before the idea for Bess’s Magical Garden surfaced.

Marjorie’s favorite author has always been L.M. Montgomery. In some ways, she felt akin to Anne the main character in the Anne books.

Marjorie has since written and self-published Gramma Mouse Tells a Story, Bess’s Magical Garden and the sequel The Mystery of the Hidden Cabin. She now resides in Strathmore Alberta. Her books are sold at local craft sales every fall and Christmas as well as on Amazon. She has also written numerous stories. Some can be found on her website.

Web site:

The banner image at the top shows a background of old family photos and journals with the book title written over it. On the right is the book. It shows a painting of a blue sky and rainbow with a fir tree in the bottom right of the painting.

The Red Dress

By: Abbie Johnson Taylor

Copyright 2019

When Eve went to her high school senior prom, she wore a red dress that her mother had made for her. That night, after dancing with the boy of her dreams, she caught him in the act with her best friend. Months later, Eve, a freshman in college, is bullied into giving the dress to her roommate. After her mother finds out, their relationship is never the same again.

Twenty-five years later, Eve, a bestselling author, is happily married with three children. Although her mother suffers from dementia, she still remembers, and Eve still harbors the guilt for giving the dress away. When she receives a Facebook friend request from her old college roommate and an invitation to her twenty-five-year high school class reunion, then meets her former best friend by chance, she must confront the past in order to face the future.

abbie profileABOUT THE AUTHOR…

Abbie Johnson Taylor is the author of two novels, two poetry collections, and a memoir. She’s working on another novel. Her work has appeared in The Weekly Avocet, Magnets and Ladders, and other publications. She’s visually impaired and lives in Sheridan, Wyoming. When not writing, she takes water exercise classes at the YMCA and performs, alone and with a women’s choral group.



Where Sheep May Safely Graze

by Phyllis Staton Campbell

Front Cover For Where Sheep May Safely Graze by Phyllis Staton CampbellPhyllis Staton Campbell Presents! “Where Sheep May Safely Graze, same book, new lower prices!

When Pastor Jim is blinded in Iraq, he returns home to find that his prestigious church rejects him because of his blindness. He and his wife Amy accept a church in a rural area, telling themselves it’s only a step to better things. Almost reluctantly, they become involved with the lives of their parishioners: Mrs. Manning-Lee, wealthy, and refuses to come to church, Tim and Anna, secretly married. They deal with people and situations, faced by ordinary people, in an ordinary place. When a tornado and flashflood force them to face death and life, they also face the will of God.

Find this, and all of her books at:

Contact her

Phyllis Staton Campbell was born in Amherst County, Virginia, in a rural area much like that featured in her books. She attended the Virginia School for the Blind, Lynchburg College, studied writing at the Hadley Institute, Creative Writing Institute and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has worked as a teacher, counselor and youth transition specialist. She has been writing professionally since the sixties. “Where Sheep May Safely Graze is her sixth published book. She has also written a true-crime book with the brother of the victim, under contract.

In addition to her writing, she serves as organist at historic Faith Lutheran church, not far from the home she shared with her husband, Chuck, who waits beyond that door we call death.


Only One Woman

by Jane Risdon

Jane Risdon is a multi-genre writer specializing in crime/thrillers. Her background is the international music business, managing recording artists, songwriters, record producers, and facilitating music for Movie/TV soundtracks.

With award-winning, best-selling author, Christina Jones, Jane has co-authored Only One Woman (Headline Accent) which is set in the UK music scene of 1968/69.

Recently Jane completed her first short crime story collection – Undercover: Crime Shorts – published May 2019 (Plaisted Publishing House).

Jane blogs and writes for numerous online and print magazines. She’s contributed to 16 anthologies and expects her series Ms Birdsong Investigates to be published 2020. She’s published by Headline Accent.


1-20190612_130226 (2) Jane with Undercover and OOW not cropped

Only One Woman is a novel set in the 1960s UK music scene written by Christina Jones, Jane Risdon, (Headline Accent), and tells the story of two girls in love with the same musician. Filled with musical and fashion references as well as some iconic venues, bands, and many world events – even food and beverages enjoyed back then – it’s so much more than a love triangle. It is a comment on a changing society which shapes the lives of Renza, Stella, and Scott and is a nostalgic trip back to the Swingin’ Sixties and captures the vibe through the diaries of the two girls: The Cold War, the Kennedy assassinations, and the Moon landings all impact their lives as the story takes the reader throughout the UK with them and overseas as the band tour and record.

Synopsis – Only One Woman

Scott loves both women but he knows that eventually there can be Only One Woman – will he choose, can he choose? The reader is kept guessing until the very last page.

Guys and gals love it, musicians do too; many have read it more than once we are told. Iconic rocker Graham Bonnet (the Marbles/Rainbow/Alcatraz/MSG) has written the foreword which shares the same name as his 1968 Bee Gees penned hit. It is a must read for all lovers of everything sixties. Graham says it is an honest reflection of feel of the times and the UK music scene.

It is Jane’s first outing in Women’s Fiction.

Available in paperback from Waterstones and all good books stores. Also in eBook and paperback from most digital platforms including Amazon.

ISBN: 9781 783 757312 and ASIN: B075D88JBP

Undercover: Crime Shorts

A collection of short stories with more twists and turns than Spaghetti Junction, designed to keep your adrenaline pumping. A fast read, each story can be enjoyed during a lunch-break, bus, train, or plane journey; whenever there are a few minutes to spare and suits crime lovers of all sub-genres. 

Recommended by several crime fighters turned crime writers it is Jane’s first collection under one cover. Her crime stories have only been available in anthologies previously.

Undercover: Crime Shorts is available in Paperback from Waterstones and good book stores. Also available in eBook and paperback from most digital platforms including Amazon.

ISBN: 978 0 359 39783 9   and  ASIN: BO7RFRVL4P

Visit Jane’s Amazon page for buy links for all her books.




Bubba Tails from the Puppy Nursery at The Seeing Eye Second Edition to include Wish of the Wee Golden found in the anthology.

A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales

Written by Patty L. Fletcher Told by, King Campbell Lee – The Seeing Eye Dog AKA Bubba

King CampbellIn this magical and love-filled tail, King Campbell AKA Bubba travels to the puppy nursery at The Seeing Eye to help ready a group of puppies who are just about to embark on the fabulous journey of learning to become Seeing Eye dogs. Just as he is about to finish his tail, a wee pup becomes very frightened of all that lies ahead, and one frightfully stormy night she runs away! Will King Campbell hear the urgent call from the puppy nursery in time? Will they find her and save her so she can fulfill her destiny?

The use of Tail instead of Tale for story and Magik instead of Magic is intended for these short stories. A great play on words from King Campbell.

The Image shows King Campbell with a Crown on his head, his tongue hanging out and a Royal Robe over his shoulders in the typical red with white fur. Artwork drawn by Hagan Plaisted, New Zealand.


Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. And as a Social Media Promotional Assistant.

She is the owner and creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing and is the published author of two books, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life and Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye First Edition.

She can also be found in two anthologies:
December Awethology Light
A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales.

Patty Fletcher is now working on her third book which is to be a memoir trilogy called, Pathway To Freedom: Broken and Healed.

For more details visit:


Charlie Girl’s First Summer Christmas

By Claire Plaisted

This short story is about how the author perceives what her youngest daughter (Anastasia) would have been like at age three. Anastasia was Down Syndrome and returned to God’s hands at the age of three and a half months.

The story is about the delightful Charlotte who went to live in Rotorua, New Zealand, where the seasons are different at Christmas time. It’s SUMMER. It’s HOT…they have no family. Lucky for them the neighbours are fun and one living further down the street adopts them after an incident which made Charlie’s family wonder if New Zealand was any better than England – 

It is a delightful story full of fun and games, along with a bit of culture.  Enjoy.  

This ends the Third Annual Holiday Edition Books, Businesses and Those Who Make Them Happen Catalog.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your shopping extravaganza.

If you’ve experienced any difficulty with any of the links featured in this catalog please email: right away and I will put you in direct contact with the author or business owner you wish to buy from.

Thank you for shopping with Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist) where we marry social media marketing with more traditional approaches.

About Patty L. Fletcher

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. And as a Social Media Promotional Assistant. She is the owner and creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger Business Assist), and is the published author of two books, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life and Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye: Volume One. She can also be found in two anthologies which are, December Awethology Light And A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales. See her latest book, Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life Second Edition in eBook and Paperback at: Find it in various accessible formats: See her Facebook business page: Patty loves receiving feedback about her work. So, drop her a line any time at:
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