Good morning campbellsworld visitors, and readers everywhere.
This morning the Unity Church of the Tri-Cities has a powerful message to share.
One of the hardest things I do each day is to let go and let God.
Of late I’ve been experiencing issues that are to an extent totally out of my control which are frustrating me mightily.
What can I do? I must simply take a wait and see approach. I must turn them over to my higher power and ask that they be resolved to the highest good.
I have asked that either the issues needing resolved for me get done, or I be shown a different pathway.
I am the type of person who wants things to happen in a snap. However, the universe seems to have different plans, so I wait.
Read the following message and know that if we are prayerful and patient all will be well.
If you happen to be in the area, drop in to the Unity Church of the Tri-Cities services tomorrow.
Have a happy Easter, and blessid be.

The Great Easter Truth is that there is a principle and process of WHOLENESS within every person. –Eric Butterworth, Unity minister and author

This Sunday at Unity Church of the Tri-Cities

On Easter Sunday we will celebrate with a special extended 90-minute service which will include the always popular Unity Flower Service. Rev. Carolyn will also be continuing with her Rising in Love series as she speaks about “The Resurrecting Power of Love.” The service will begin at 11am at Samadhi Healing Arts Center, 423 W. Walnut St., Johnson City, and will be supported by our popular “rockin’ reverent” music. Please stay for coffee and conversation. The Lending Library will be open before and after the service. Look for our new selection of prosperity books.

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Any time you buy something from Amazon, they will donate a percentage of your purchase to our church. The process is simple: just log on to to make your purchase and before you shop you will be prompted to choose a charity for the donation. Unity Church of the Tri-Cities is one of the non-profits. The prices for all items are the same as on regular We are very grateful for your donations through

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The Quest: A Journey of Spiritual Rediscovery
by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla (We are currently in Chapter 16 “Surrender”)

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up. Surrendering is not quitting. Think of the car analogy in the last teaching. As soon as you know you can’t start your car, you admit helplessness. However, that’s only the beginning of the solution. If you want to get your car going again, you call a mechanic, and when the mechanic comes, you cooperate to the extent that you can. You haven’t quit. In this case, quitting would mean getting another ride or walking to work or sitting in your house and pouting! Instead of quitting, you have merely given a “higher power” (one who knows more about the problem than you do) control of the situation. There is a vast difference between surrendering and quitting.
Most people think of surrender as “bad”. Patrick Henry challenged “Give me liberty or give me death!” An American general asserted “No surrender, no retreat.” Surrender has traditionally been looked upon as an admission of weakness—of giving up, buckling under, capitulating.
Contrary to popular belief, surrender can be a positive decision, a positive act. All of nature surrenders. The caterpillar surrenders and becomes a butterfly. The hawk egg surrenders to its “eggness” and becomes a hawk.
Nothing new can happen until the old loses power. When we surrender, we don’t sacrifice anything. We only lose whatever is keeping us the same. Actually, we don’t lose anything. We gain everything.
Having lived near the beach, we saw many people encountering the ocean for the first time. They didn’t realize the power of large waves, so as one approached, they would stand tall and brace themselves. Invariably the wave knocked them down and rolled right over them, but this didn’t dissuade them. As the next wave approached, they would try again to challenge it and the results were the same. Finally, the people accepted the fact that the wave was more powerful than they were. They quickly learned that the way to deal with a large wave is merely to dive under it.
Surrendering to a power greater than yourself is really like an admission of an obvious fact. If your life is “broken” and you call on God to help you, isn’t this merely admitting the truth: that God in you knows your needs more than you personally do and will help you improve your life?
Let’s go back for a moment to the previous teaching and the example of the electricity going out in our home. You’ll recall that as soon as we check the circuit breaker and find nothing blown, we’ve done all we can to get the lights on. At that point we admit our personal powerlessness, but it doesn’t end there. The next step is to “surrender” and ask the electric company for help. Until we surrender to the electric company, we are part of the problem. As soon as we surrender and call them, we are part of the solution.

Follow us weekly as we go exploring on The Quest. More hints along the path of spiritual rediscovery will be revealed each week.

Live. Love. Learn. Church of the Daily Word.

Here for you. 423-975-9159

P.O. Box 2161, Johnson City, TN 37605

Rev. Carolyn Claiborne, Minister

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