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Don’t Let Frustration Get the Better of You!

If you feel things aren’t going right, don’t get upset, don’t struggle nor fight. Just take a deep breath and try again, and soon your troubles will come to an end. I hope the same is true for the troubles I’m having writing this post to you. If you can read this better let me know, and if not please tell me so. Never be afraid to make a comment of any kind, because to improve what I do is always on my mind. My hope, my plan, my wish, my dream, is to make things better for all than they already seem. I want to bring folks of all kinds together you see, cause we’re not so different you and me. So come along with me and Campbell and let us see what we can see. Bob Cat here, don’t forget about me! Happy day everyone!

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The Puppy Grew Up and Became

Once upon a time long ago,
When you were very small you know.
In the morning’s early dawn you were born,
But all too soon from your mother you were torn.
You were sent to live far away with a family you thought forever you would stay.
You learned the neatest and most awesome tricks.
So much more than chasing sticks.
You learned to sit to rest to lay,
You learned to obey in every way.
You did all these things so very well,
And every day you grew.
All too soon your life changed again,
And you made another new friend.
He was your teacher, your very own guide.
Would you forever walk by his side?
No! This was not to be.
You learned all you could from him,
And then,
You were given to me.
Fast we became best of friends,
And it is with me you will now stay until our work together ends.

In honor of Guide Dogs, puppy raisers, Trainers, and Handlers Everywhere!

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