Tune in at 8:15 EST (6:15 Mountain Time) on Sunday evening, June 23, for my guest appearance on the Blind and Beyond Radio Show. I’ll chat about my novel, “The Bright Side of Darkness” and about the power of mentoring, and maybe drop a hint or two about my new book as well. The station is out of Florida, so for listening instructions on the Web, see the Blind and Beyond homepage here:


Jo Elizabeth Pinto

“The Bright Side of Darkness”

Is my award-winning novel,

Available in Kindle, audio, and paperback formats.


For Tweens and Up.

Realistic, Heartwarming, down to earth. Those are only three of the many words that come to mind when I think of describing this amazing book.

The author shows her understanding of what life is like for the types of persons their characters are based on.

By using her own personal background thus writing what she knows, Jo E. Pinto paints a colorful picture of the Crew and their lives.

No predictable outcomes, or contrived plots are to be found in this fast-moving, suspenseful, heartwarming, and sometimes humorous book.

I read this book on Audible, and found the narration gave each character a life of its very own, which only increased my reading pleasure.

I recommend this book for anyone Tween-aged and up. Furthermore, I feel families would do well to turn off the TV gather together read and discuss this book.

If you’re a high-school teacher or work with children in some way this book is a must.

I’d love to see the author do a follow-up book of some type. Maybe write about Rick and has newly opened café, sprinkling it throughout with a combo of reality-based adventures and recipes.

This book is most definitely going on my favorite reads of 2019.

Not read this book. What are you waiting for?

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